Citigroup Worker Ran Popular QAnon Site That Claimed John McCain Was Killed by Military Tribunal

Citigroup has fired a New Jersey-based worker who was found to run a hugely popular QAnon conspiracy theory website which attracted millions of visitors.

Jason Gelinas has been on leave since mid-September after it emerged he was the “sole developer and mouthpiece” of the website following an investigation by fact checking group

The site, which posted baseless QAnon conspiracy theories, was attracting 10 million visitors a month during the height of its popularity before it went offline, according to the traffic-tracking firm SimilarWeb.

It is also reported that the Gelinas was pulling in around $3,320 a month from donations via Patreon to keep the site running.

In a lengthy report detailing the site’s history, Bloomberg News credits Qmap for helping shift QAnon—which believes President Donald Trump is waging a secret war against high-profile Satan-worshipping pedophiles and will soon start taking them down—from the

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