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Apple iPhone 12 Pro camera technology designed for serious photographers

Apple's iPhone Pro phones get new camera abilities, including a bigger image sensor, a faster main camera lens, improved image stabilization, a lidar sensor for low-light autofocus and a longer-reach telephoto lens on the iPhone Pro Max.

Apple’s iPhone Pro phones get new camera abilities, including a bigger image sensor, a faster main camera lens, improved image stabilization, a lidar sensor for low-light autofocus and a longer-reach telephoto lens on the iPhone Pro Max.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Apple is gunning hard for photo and video enthusiasts with its iPhone 12 Pro models, bringing major updates to camera hardware and computational photography software.

Among the changes in the iPhone Pro models are a larger sensor for better low-light performance, new abilities to fuse multiple frames into one superior shot, better stabilization to counteract your shaky hands and a new lidar sensor for improved autofocus. And on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the telephoto camera can zoom in better on distant subjects.

The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone Pro and

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Panasonic’s new Lumix tool turns your camera into a webcam

Panasonic has released an official Lumix webcam app, as first spotted by PetaPixel. The software, still in beta since its quiet release late last month, lets you plug your camera into your Mac or Windows machine and have it recognized as a video source in apps like Google Meet and Zoom. Panasonic’s official software replaces the workaround hack the company introduced back in June.

Panasonic’s workaround was necessary because of the webcam shortage during early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it was far more cumbersome than a native app, requiring you use Panasonic’s hack to remove the tethering app’s overlaid interface and then direct the live feed from the camera through an intermediary like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Thankfully, that native app removes all that fuss and you can head over to Panasonic’s website here to download it. Here’s a guide on installing and using it:

Now, you

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Apple’s new iPhone will include a powerful 30x digital camera

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Apple is revealing its next-generation iPhone Tuesday that is rumored to include 5G connectivity and boast squared-off edges – but new leaks provide more details of what many are calling the iPhone 12.

The smartphone is set to have a 30x zoom camera that is capable of focusing in on objects and people three times farther than previous models.

Previous leaks suggested there will be four models release during the ‘Hi, Speed’ event and the latest news to surface says pricing will range from $699 to $1,099, with pre-orders starting October 16.

The lineup includes an iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch display, which starts at $699, a 6.1-inch handset at $799, the Pro handset is set at $999 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost $1,099.

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The smartphone is set to include a 30x zoom camera that is capable of focusing in on objects and people three times farther than previous models. The latest news to surface says pricing will range from $699 to $1,099, with pre-orders starting October 16 (pictured is the iPhone 11)

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The smartphone is set to include

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Face ID in ‘iPhone 12’ may gain speed alongside camera enhancements

The “iPhone 12” could include a faster Face ID authentication than currently offered, a leaker claims, as well as an enhanced version of digital zoom that is assisted by advancements in computational photography.

In the days before Apple is anticipated to launch a new collection of iPhones, more leaks about what to expect are surfacing by various sources. One such leak from a well-established leaker centers around the photographic capabilities of the inbound models.

According to a series of tweets from “@Pineeaks,” a Twitter account operated by Max Winebach, Apple is still planning to ship a “dynamic zoning algorithm” for the TrueDepth camera array. The algorithm would enable the Face ID biometric authentication system to acquire a user’s face at a faster rate, which will shave off fractions of a second from the entire Face ID unlocking process.

The tweet list, spotted by MacRumors also claims Apple

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iPhone 12 specs: Everything the rumors say about battery, camera and more


We don’t know the iPhone 12 specs yet, but some features will be similar to the iPhone 11. 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

Apple will livestream a virtual event on Oct. 13 starting at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. BST), and all eyes are on the possibility of a new slate of iPhones — rumored to be called the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini. The company has historically released new phones in September, but amid the COVID-19 outbreak, suppliers in China were forced to shut down or dial back operations. The tech giant confirmed there would be a delay on its flagship phones over the summer. 

What do we know about the new phones? Will there be enough new features to warrant upgrading from the

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Aqara Camera Hub G2H with HomeKit Secure Video arrives in US

The Aqara Camera Hub G2H is a HomeKit Secure Video camera for indoor use that doubles as an Aqara home hub.

Aqara makes a range of HomeKit devices that include home surveillance tools, lighting, and comfort controls. The Aqara Camera Hub G2H functions as a hub for all your Aqara devices as well as a HomeKit Secure Video camera.

HomeKit Secure Video ensures that a security camera captures footage safely and securely and stores it fully encrypted in iCloud. Footage from your home security cameras will be analyzed by your HomeKit Hub using local device intelligence to determine if people, pets, or cars are visible. Recorded video is stored for ten days without penalty to your iCloud storage.

Users with 200GB iCloud storage plans can record and store one camera’s video for up to 10 days. Those with 2TB plans can record up to five cameras. There is no limit

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Vivo concept phone with detachable selfie camera wins design award

Vivo IFEA Phone With Detachable Selfie Camera 1
  • Vivo has won a design award for a phone with a detachable selfie camera module.
  • The detachable camera functions as an independent device.
  • Its commercial uses are unclear for the moment.

Vivo has always been at the forefront of smartphone design, especially when it comes to camera innovation. This year’s Vivo Apex pioneered the under-display selfie camera, taking the lead from its predecessor, which was the first to introduce us to pop-up cameras. Now Vivo is once again stealing the limelight with a new kind of smartphone camera — one that can be detached from the phone’s body.

Vivo’s new concept device with a detachable front camera is called the IFEA. It’s won the Red Dot Design Award (h/t Gizmochina) for its modular selfie camera that can be used as an independent device. From the looks of it, you can probably detach the camera unit from the main phone

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Samsung likely to ditch under-display camera tech for Galaxy S21

a close up of a hand holding a cellphone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus display

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus display

Samsung Galaxy S21 is most likely going to come without under-display camera. According to news report this week, the company is not satisfied with the efficiency of the technology. And during its test, the results were far from convincing. All this has made sure Samsung is not going to use the under-display camera for its upcoming Galaxy phone next year.

Samsung uses its in-house Display division to make screens for its smartphone. They used the hole in active area (HIAA) method to drill the camera into the display. This quite nicely on the Galaxy S20 series, which came with punch hole front camera. And same happened with the Galaxy Note 20 as well. But while integrating the camera under the display, the company did not get positive signs to ahead with it in mass  production.

The under-display technology is the latest

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Arlo Introduces Pro 4 Security Camera With Easier Wi-Fi Setup, But Lacks HomeKit at Launch [Updated]

Accessory maker Arlo today introduced the Pro 4, a new version of its security camera that connects directly to Wi-Fi for easier setup as a standalone security solution, eliminating the need for a separate base station.

Like its Pro 3 predecessor, the Pro 4 features 2K video resolution with HDR, a 160-degree viewing angle, an integrated spotlight and siren, color night vision, two-way audio, and a wire-free, weather-resistant design. A removable, rechargeable battery continues to provide up to six months of battery life per charge.

Unfortunately, the Pro 4 is not compatible with HomeKit at launch, according to the Arlo website. The Pro 3 gained HomeKit support five months after it launched, so it is possible that the Pro 4 will receive HomeKit in a future software update. We’ve reached out to Arlo for comment on their HomeKit plans and we’ll update this story if we hear back.

Arlo also

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The Rock Goes Big Technology Nerd To Explain Camera Used in Red Notice

Now that Dwayne Johnson has given his endorsement to one of this year’s presidential election tickets, The Rock is back to work on Red Notice. He stars in the Netflix action movie alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Johnson took to Instagram to share a look at and explanation of the camera technology being employed for the film. “Another very productive work week on set of RED NOTICE 🙏🏾,” he writes in the status alongside the photo. * Some very cool Hollywood intel for all you cinephiles out there 🎥 I’m gonna sound like a big technology nerd but the hell with it, here we go🤓

“The small @panavisionofficial camera on the right in this picture thats on a slider, on top of a wooden apple box is using one of the most prolific Hollywood lenses of all time. It’s an ultra Panatar anamorphic lens. The same glass that

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