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Physicists Calculate Upper Limit For Speed Of Sound In The Universe


  • Physicists tested sound as it travels through different materials
  • Sound can almost reach its upper limit when traveling in solid atomic hydrogen
  • The finding is vital in different fields of studies like materials science and condensed matter physics

Sound waves can travel to up to 36 kilometers or more than 22 miles per second when traveling through solids or liquids, a new study by a team of physicists revealed. The physicists said that their calculation could be the first known variables representing the threshold of sound waves.    

Before this new finding, the speed of sound was measured based on Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity that identified sound waves threshold similar to that of the speed of light (300,000 kilometers or over 186,000 miles per second).

In a study, published in the journal Science Advances, the physicists said to calculate for the threshold of the speed of sound,

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New unemployment benefit of over $8,000? Calculate how much you’d get by year’s end

Another pandemic relief package, with a possible second round of stimulus checks, is still in negotiation between Democrats and Republicans. With no deal in place, President Donald Trump signed four executive actions on Aug. 8, including one that restarted the bonus unemployment benefit first established in the CARES Act, but for a $400 weekly total instead of the $600 weekly benefit that has now lapsed. A few states began mailing out checks in late August but only for the $300 supplemental income provided by the federal government. 

More states are sending out bonus unemployment money. Sarah Tew/CNET

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More states are sending out bonus unemployment money. Sarah Tew/CNET

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Depending on when you filed your taxes, there might be more money headed your way. 

In the president’s executive memo, the federal government

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