Lighthouse Guild Launches New Podcast Series “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts”

Hosted by Lighthouse Guild President and CEO, Calvin W. Roberts, MD, the podcast will also discuss what technology developers and entrepreneurs need to know to meet the needs of people with vision loss. In addition, it will provide useful information and technology updates for people who are visually impaired, caregivers, low vision service providers, vision/health organizations, and the general community.

“We are now seeing incredible innovations in areas like spatial orientation and artificial intelligence that can help people with vision loss live even more productive and independent lives,” says Dr. Roberts. “Lighthouse Guild is pleased to be a connecting rod between evolving technology and the people that can benefit from it.”

Dr. Roberts will interview experts in vision technology with a focus on options that can help restore lost vision, enhance existing vision, and improve function. Topics for the first three episodes of the series include:

  • Episode 1: Seeing
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