IBUY: Google Trends Data Shows The ‘Buy-At-Home’ Trade Is Dead (NASDAQ:IBUY)

(Source: Pexels)

After weeks of stagnation and slowly increasing stock prices, equities have found themselves in another wave of volatility. The Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) declined a staggering 5% on Thursday along with most major indices. The fund was previously up 40% this year, making 2020 both a near-record year for expected GDP losses and, paradoxically, a near-record year for Nasdaq 100 performance.

Certain sectors within the technology space have seen even better performance. Most notably, cloud/related companies, gaming companies, and online retail. While most of these firms have seen increased revenue due to COVID-19 impacts, their stock prices have risen at a much faster pace than their revenue. Even more, most will likely see a reversal next year and are not necessarily immune to the longer-lasting economics impacts of the current situation.

I recently explained the bear case for cloud stocks under the ETF Global X Cloud Computing ETF

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