Driverless Trucking Not Slowing Down But The Ride Is Getting Bumpier

Continuing my multi-part series on the recent Automated Vehicles Symposium, my most recent article provided an overview and key take-aways for the broader industry. Established in 2014, this non-profit conference is co-sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International and the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board. Being non-profit and carefully curated to maximize content and minimize hype, I find each year’s event to be a touchstone on the state of automated driving.   Here’s Part Two digging deep into truck automation discussions for “solo driverless” operations. Part Three will address AVS truck platooning content. Disclosure: I serve as a volunteer on the AVS Executive Committee and among the many companies discussed here, I am an Advisor to

Consensus: AV Trucks Will Scale Fastest

In just a few days, a substantial portion of the truck AV community appeared at AVS.  As noted in Part

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