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Samsung expects 58% profit bump in the third quarter


Samsung got a big boost in operating profit during the third quarter.

James Martin/CNET

The slowdown in tech doesn’t appear to be weighing on Samsung as much as it has in the past.

The company on Wednesday predicted its operating profit for the third quarter would come in around 12.3 trillion won ($10.6 billion), an increase of 58% compared with the year-ago period. It also said its revenue increased by nearly 5% to 66 trillion won ($57 billion).

The quarter represents a rebound of sorts for the Korean electronics giant, which in the year-ago period reported a 56% decline in operating profit.

Samsung didn’t say what impacted its results, but it likely received a boost in demand for its chips as more people are forced to work from

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UK tech workers in Bristol see biggest salary bump in 2019

  • London may be losing its shine as the lead British city for software engineers and other tech employees as rival cities show higher salary increases, per data from Tech Nation.
  • London still has the highest average wage for tech workers at £55,000 but cities such as Bristol are catching up with larger wage hikes and lower living costs.
  • Well-funded technology companies setting up shop outside of London, such as Bristol’s Graphcore, are driving the trend.
  • The tech sector is leading the UK’s economic recovery, with the second-greatest number of job openings.
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COVID-19 hit European tech companies hard, with the likes of UK-based unicorn neobank Monzo and Deliveroo laying off a chunk of their staff.

But there are signs that the job market is beginning to pick up.

The number of ads for jobs in tech were up 36% between June and August, according

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