Faces of Entrepreneurship: Marcus Bullock, Flikshop

Marcus Bullock

Marcus Bullock is the CEO and Founder at Flikshop, which was built to be the tech company that helps families connect to their incarcerated loved ones. Users are able to take a picture, add some quick text, press send, and for 99 cents, Flikshop prints and ships that picture and text on a real tangible postcard, that is shipped to any person in any prison anywhere in the United States. Flikshop has connected over 170,000 registered users so far and has shipped over a half a million postcards. That represents over a half million pieces of love.

Marcus started Flikshop as a result of being sentenced to eight years in adult maximum-security prison as a 15-year-old kid after he had stolen a car from a man in a shopping mall parking lot. His mother didn’t want him to fall into a bed of hopelessness so she began to write him

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