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Bjarke Ingels Group Helps Pioneer Technology for 3D-Printed Buildings on the Moon

In situ construction, using the materials readily available on the moon, was the way forward. The unique challenge for Project Olympus will be an alchemical one: getting regolith—a fine gray powder that consists of minerals such as basalt and feldspar—to behave like a printing medium, likely through melting or sintering it to a lava-like consistency. Using the molten material, the architects envisage 3D-printing vaulted structures made from a waffle-like network of rigid exterior ribs. These, in turn, can be filled with regolith, which has the added benefit of absorbing intense solar radiation (up to 100 times more than on Earth, according to Ingels) and mitigating the impact of mini meteorites that pummel the moon’s surface each year.

BIG has unveiled a master plan for what these building techniques could yield, complete with roads, garages for lunar vehicles, facilities for collecting lunar surface material, and, of course, human habitats complete with

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Austin-based company shows off new COVID-19 disinfecting technology for commercial buildings

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Y’all can feel it coming in the air tonight, ozone.

A local consortium is already turning results in the fight against COVID-19 months after its inception.

The Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium, organized by the Austin Technology Incubator, made a collaboration of companies possible to conduct a demonstration at a local company.

“We wanted to have a solution that was going to be usable over and over again that would work within the culture of commercial building industry and be effective,” Panache Development & Construction president Adam Zarafshai said.

The company assembled Texas Air Industries and others to solve a problem they had: COVID-19.

Shahram Shafie, an Austin technology entrepreneur with Texas Air Industries, and other engineers demonstrated an ozone disinfecting system Wednesday afternoon at Panache’s main office in east Austin.

Attendees enter the test area (KXAN Photo/Todd Bailey)

Panache essentially agreed to become the

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