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Vecima Wins Two 2020 Broadband Technology Report (BTR) Diamond Technology Review Awards

Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX:VCM) announced today it has won two 2020 Broadband Technology Report (BTR) Diamond Technology Review awards: one for the Entra™ EN2112 Access Node and one for the Terrace™ IQ Commercial Video Gateway. Highly reputable in the cable and telecom industry, the awards are based on a variety of criteria, including unique technological innovation, ease-of-use, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to profitability, and is judged by panel of executives from operators such as Buckeye, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Mediacom, and Rogers.

The EN2112 Access Node is a high density, compact 2-port node. Built to ensure global standards compliance, maximum CCAP core interoperability, industry-leading feature sets, massive scale and ongoing reliability for next generation DOCSIS 3.1 Distributed Access Architecture (“DAA”) ecosystems, the EN2112 is one of the most compact and feature rich Remote PHY nodes available today. Vecima’s EN2112 bridges the new 10G digital fiber CIN networks and the legacy RF

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ProLabs Wins 2020 Broadband Technology Report (BTR) Diamond Technology Review Awards for its Optical Monitoring Platform

ProLabs’ OMP solutions allow network operators to proactively monitor DWDM line systems in their access network, whether utilized for distributed access architectures (DAA) or dedicated fiber business services. The solution combines two complementary monitoring methods, an optical channel monitor and an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) facility that can be applied to each fiber. The two devices are combined and is shared up to 48-fibers egressing a given facility – providing a cost-effective, multi-layer fiber monitoring solution.

“With its advanced monitoring and automation – the network operator can drastically reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by pinpointing the failure (hardware or plant) as well as automatically trigger a remote OTDR operation that would normally involve a truck roll to the site,” said Jon Eikel, ProLabs Chief Strategy Officer. “The improvement in customer experience, elimination of the initial troubleshooting truck roll, and fault isolation each provide a critical step in

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