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Female moles grow testicles to fight through their brutal underground existence

If any animal understands the horrors of trench warfare, it has to be the mole. Faced with an enemy, there’s no time for pleasantries. No place to hide. Aggression is all that matters.

To help them fight in this brutal world, evolution has granted the female mole a generous dose of ‘roid rage’ by tacking some testicles onto her ovaries – resulting in a unique bit of anatomy called an ovotestis.

Now, researchers have a better understanding of how this fascinating biological change came about.

“The sexual development of mammals is complex, although we have a reasonably good idea on how this process takes place,” says geneticist Darío Lupiáñez from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics.

“At a certain point, sexual development usually progresses in one direction or another, male or female. We wanted to know how evolution modulates this sequence of developmental events, enabling the intersexual features that

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Stocks take a breather after Thursday’s brutal tech-sell off drove Wall Street to its biggest drop in three months


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  • Tech stocks take a breather on Friday after Thursday’s sell-off. 
  • European stocks turned green as investors digested the fall in the tech sector from record-highs
  • Nasdaq 100 records biggest one-day drop since mid-March after Big Tech crash
  • Gold prices and the US dollar are stable despite broader sweep lower on global equity markets 
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Technology stocks took a small breather after Thursday’s brutal sell-off, which pushed US stocks to their biggest one-day loss in losses in three months. 

The STOXX Europe 600 technology index – which comprises the likes of German software firm SAP, Dutch semi-conductor supplier ASML – and was up 0.2% at 581.23. 

Neil Wilson, chief market analyst at Markets.com, said: “European equities were dragged lower by the tech-induced sell-off on Wall Street yesterday but recovered in early trade on Friday morning. With sentiment rolling over

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