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Wm Brown magazine celebrates the country squire lifestyle


Matt Hranek, founder of Wm Brown magazine, believes there’s interest in the things he loves: great clothes, terrific travel, classic cars and fine cigars.


I was prepared to dislike Matt Hranek.

In case you’re not one of his near-70,000 Instagram followers, I can introduce Hranek as the founder and editor of Wm Brown magazine, a visually stunning, glossy, print-only men’s lifestyle magazine. 

Hranek, 53, launched it two years ago from his pre-fabricated home in Sullivan County. (More on that home later.)

It may be a fool’s errand — A print magazine? Today? Really? — but Hranek, a celebrated, peripatetic photographer whose last big gig was contributing style editor for Condé Nast Traveler, is convinced that there are enough men out there who are interested in the same things he’s interested in: good food, great clothes, terrific travel, classic cars, fine cigars and, as he put it, “manly country

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