Large technology companies became Big Brother on our watch (Editorial)

Amazon knows where you live. It knows what you buy. And what you consider buying. Facebook knows what you like, who your friends are and what they like, and knows, too, if you use Instagram, about you and your friends photo- and video-sharing proclivities.

Google, of course, knows everything about your life — even those most-embarrassing searches you may have performed many years back. And just imagine all that the search behemoth knows about your daily doings if you use Gmail and Google Maps.

And then there’s Apple. Though the iPhone maker claims to work to protect its users’ privacy, it doesn’t appear to be nearly so scrupulous when it comes to its dealings with the developers that offer their products in the tech giant’s App Store, the only legitimate venue from which users can procure software for their iPhones and iPads and Apple Watches.

Big tech, one might rationally

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