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Mountain Brook girl is one of first in the country to pilot new wheelchair technology

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – UAB Hospital is researching new technology that could change the lives of wheelchair users. They’re part of a pilot program that’s collecting research from fewer than 10 people across the United States.

Eleven-year-old Betsy Pringle is from Mountain Brook, Alabama and she is one of the few people to pilot this new technology. Betsy was born with muscular dystrophy and she’s been in a power wheelchair for the last six years.

“Adding more safety features is a big peace of mind,” Betsy’s mom, Anne Pringle, said. “She can easily just drift off the edge if she’s not constantly paying attention.”

“If she were approaching a curb that was really steep, it would stop her, because it would sense the drop off,” UAB Physical Therapist Cathy Carver said.

The technology is called LUCI and it can go on any power wheelchair. It senses the chair’s surrounding area

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