UK tech workers in Bristol see biggest salary bump in 2019

  • London may be losing its shine as the lead British city for software engineers and other tech employees as rival cities show higher salary increases, per data from Tech Nation.
  • London still has the highest average wage for tech workers at £55,000 but cities such as Bristol are catching up with larger wage hikes and lower living costs.
  • Well-funded technology companies setting up shop outside of London, such as Bristol’s Graphcore, are driving the trend.
  • The tech sector is leading the UK’s economic recovery, with the second-greatest number of job openings.
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COVID-19 hit European tech companies hard, with the likes of UK-based unicorn neobank Monzo and Deliveroo laying off a chunk of their staff.

But there are signs that the job market is beginning to pick up.

The number of ads for jobs in tech were up 36% between June and August, according

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