The Technology 202: TikTok is hosting virtual briefings with policymakers as Trump ban looms

The push to open up its operations comes as TikTok is under fire from the Trump administration.

President Trump has signed an executive order to effectively ban TikTok because of national security concerns unless it’s sold to an American business. Administration officials have accused the platform, popular with teens, of sharing U.S. data with the Chinese government in a charge TikTok has repeatedly denied.

Notably, no one from the Trump administration has attended a session at a transparency center, according Michael Beckerman, TikTok’s head of U.S. public policy. However, he said  the company has engaged with administration officials in other venues

“The more that people are learning about TikTok, the more they like and trust it,” Beckerman told me in an interview. “So we just want to make sure that the doors are open and we answer any questions and bring actual transparency and accountability that’s been

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