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Consultants charged for bribing Amazon Marketplace employees to game the platform

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has indicted six individuals for allegedly issuing bribes to give Amazon Marketplace merchants competitive advantages. 

On Friday, US prosecutors named Ephraim Rosenberg, Joseph Nilsen, and Kristen Leccese, of New York; Georgia resident Hadis Nuhanovic, Rohit Kadimisetty, from California; and Nishad Kunji, based in Hyderabad, India, as suspects in the alleged fraud. 

According to the indictment, issued by a Grand Jury in the Western District of Washington, the six conspired to pay Amazon employees over $100,000 to secure an “unfair competitive advantage” on Amazon Marketplace. 

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The bribery bill is steep, but in return, the fraud carried a commercial worth and sales revenue of up to $100 million, the DoJ claims. 

Prosecutors allege that since at least 2017, the six acted as consultants to third-party sellers on Amazon, and two of

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Six Charged By The DOJ On Charges Of Bribing Amazon’s Employees To Break Amazon’s Rules

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When folks hear the words “Amazon” and “crimes” in the same sentence, it’s usually referencing the giant’s potentially criminal anticompetitive behavior or its shitty-enough-that-it-should-be-criminal warehouse working conditions, rather than Amazon sellers scamming their way onto the DOJ’s watch list.

But 2020’s been full of surprises, and today, that’s exactly what happened: the Justice Department indictment six individuals working as consultants for Amazon’s third party sellers. Per the DOJ, the paid north of $100,000 to bribe Amazon employees and contractors to leak them internal intel or otherwise help them gain “an unfair competitive advantage” as part of a scheme stretching back to at least 2017.

“The ultimate victim from this criminal conduct is the buying public who get inferior or even dangerous goods that should have been removed from the marketplace,” said U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran, in a statement. The DoJ

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