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Alcon and 2e

AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal Lens U.S. Patient Website

Some might think getting cataract surgery is just one more problem that comes with aging. But Alcon’s introduction of the AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal Lens turns that surgery into a revolutionary opportunity. The lens offers unprecedented vision enhancement for people with cataracts, giving them control of their health by investing in their vision. 

Calling this sense of renewed possibility “PanOptimism,” the team started with an existing site, MyCataracts.com, an unbranded website with generalized surgery information. And it transformed it into a branded place that could drive conversation about the benefits of clear, complete vision.

Starting with extensive research and insights, including a study on the willingness to pay for advanced technology intraocular lenses, 2e worked closely with SEO and digital partners to combine analytics and competitive analysis with messaging strategy. It dove into patient mindsets, consumer search behavior research,

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How New Technology Is Changing the Way Branded Content Is Made

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From remote viewing and production programs to no-contact studios-in-a-box, tech was already revolutionizing the way marketers and creators thought about branded content, but COVID-19 has led to even more cataclysmic change in the industry. 

Largely due to pandemic-related roadblocks, branded content revenue for publishers is expected to be down this year between 20% and 40%, according to Digiday—but considering that up to 40% of digital ad revenue comes from branded content, you can bet that brands are adapting their branded content strategies in an attempt to make up the difference.

Now more than ever, content creators need to be tuned into the latest innovations to keep up with demand in a changing world. Here’s how new technology is morphing the way branded content is created.

Mastering the tools of production: The Content Creation Stack.

Getting experimental

As AW360 (Advertising Week’s year-round editorial platform) points

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