Stressbusters: ‘Rockfish Gap’ podcast drama blends new technology, old-school radio flavor | The Buzz

“The story almost wrote itself in a lot of ways,” said Charlie, who serves as showrunner and writer.

The creative team also includes Andrew Nguyen as writer and executive producer, Katya Shakula as marketing director and producer and Dolly Lebow and Daisy Forbes on the art team.

Natalie Ingalls plays Jessica Matthews, Derek Dallas portrays Bill Haddock, CC Meade is Catherine Brayden and Gillian Murphy plays Talia Rose. Colter Adams portrays Aaron Nielson, and Charlie Adams plays Jesse Ferguson. Other stars include Ciara Curtin, Samaria Dellorso, Aaron Eckloff, Elizabeth Gibbons, Colin Page, Jennifer Tabola, Dru Waren and Wes Waren.

The Adamses bring writing skills, a love for the outdoors in general and hiking Humpback Rocks in particular, and a passion for radio entertainment to the weekly Wednesday releases. The latest episode, the sixth, is “You Are Now Entering Rockfish Gap.”

“Charlie and I are huge public radioheads,” Colton said with a chuckle, adding that a fondness for vintage radio shows has built an appreciation for “plot twists, cliffhangers and classic radio dramas” that dovetails comfortably with the state-of-the-art storytelling that modern technology provides. “Audio drama is probably the best medium for this quarantine. That was the best way we could tell this story and make it believable.”

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