Stamford Students Assist NASA Scientists With COVID-19 Research

STAMFORD, CT — Two Stamford students recently assisted NASA scientists with coronavirus research through an internship hosted by the University of Texas.

In an announcement, Stamford Public Schools announced Kevin Fleischer and Anna Lichtenberg, two juniors at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering, were selected to participate in the Student Enhancement in Earth and Space Science (SEES) summer internship.

The nationally competitive program is hosted by the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Space Research and is sponsored by the NASA’s Texas Space Grant Consortium. (To sign up for Stamford breaking news alerts and more, click here.)

According to district officials, the program selects students to conduct authentic research using NASA data. Fleischer and Lichtenberg conducted investigations as part of the “COVID-19 Space Exploration for a Better World” team.

The program’s interns worked with scientists and engineers to conduct research using NASA data and analysis tools on how to properly sanitize spacecraft and assess viral health risks.

“The team used the Python coding language to predict vulnerable areas and track viruses, as well as ensure safe air and space travel,” the announcement reads. “In addition, the space exploration team used CAD Software and 3D printers to design a spacecraft with social distancing capabilities.”

Each team presented its research and solution to NASA personnel and other experts in the medical research field.

Further information about the program can be found on the Stamford Public Schools website.

This article originally appeared on the Stamford Patch

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