Serious upgrades for your computer keyboard

Whether you’re working or gaming on your computer, efficiency and precision are key, and while your brain may be doing the heavy lifting, your hands play no small part. A new and improved keyboard could make a great gift for those hard-working hands of yours. Modern keyboards are ergonomic, so they ease tension and make typing a smoother and more satisfying experience. Such a small change in your setup could make a huge difference, especially if you’re working at a computer eight or more hours a day. If you’re a gamer, you know that the right keyboard can help you squash the competition, so up your game! Here are some of our favorite new keyboards on the market right now.

a close up of a computer keyboard: Typing never felt so good.

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Typing never felt so good.

a close up of a computer keyboard: Your new secret weapon.

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Your new secret weapon.

This aircraft grade aluminum keyboard is built to last. Made specifically for gamers, it is extremely durable and can handle the intensity of long-term gameplay. It’s also lightweight, unlike other bulky gaming keyboards. The keys have multicolor backlighting that is adjustable, making your game visually stimulating even off-screen. The Corsair K95 can store up to three profiles without external software and has a total of 8MB of settings. You can assign multi-key combos and other complex commands to one of its six dedicated macro keys. It also has Cherry MX Speed RBG mechanical switches to further advance your gameplay. This keyboard is a speed machine with a comfortable wrist pad for sustained comfort.

a computer mouse and keyboard: Users rejoice!

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Users rejoice!

Leave your wrist and hand pain in the past. A raised, sloped area—where the keys are broken up by the triangular shape—helps create a more desirable, comfortable position for your hands. The lightweight keyboard comes in a stylish two-tone gray with a mélange Alcantara fabric wrist pad. It is Bluetooth compatible, and it screams productivity with low stress. The battery life can last up to 12 months.

a close up of a computer keyboard: Extremely comfortable to use.

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Extremely comfortable to use.

This wireless keyboard has concave keys to snugly fit your fingertips, creating an ultra-comfortable typing experience. It connects via bluetooth and can do so to multiple computers at once. With the backlighting on, the keys automatically illuminate based on your finger proximity, offering an aesthetically pleasing and precise experience. A full charge on USB-c lasts up to ten days with backlighting on and up to five months with backlighting off.

a close up of a computer keyboard: Size doesn’t matter.

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Size doesn’t matter.

This mini keyboard is a secret beast, registering key pressing at the speed of light via light-based actuation. It does so while still responding with satisfying feedback clicks. The Huntsman utilizes the Razer Chroma lighting ecosystem with 16.8 million backlight colors on its matte aluminum keys. These keys are extremely durable and have a smooth texture that’s pleasurable to the fingertip. Complex key commands can be assigned to macro keys with Razer Hypershift, which allows you to switch from one set of controls to another in a single click.

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