Qwilt Launches Website Delivery Service

Qwilt has launched a new service for website content delivery, enabling publishers to provide a better quality of experience to their online audiences.

Qwilt’s Site Delivery Service is API-driven, leveraging Qwilt’s unique opencaching technology and global network of service provider partners to bring to life highqualitydigital experiences for end-users around the world. This new offering expandsQwilt’s service portfolio and builds upon the success of its streaming media delivery service.

Traditional content delivery network (CDN) caches are typically outside of Internet ServiceProvider (ISP) networks, far from the end-users who want to access the content. These fewand distant caches are often subject to congestion and delivery delays, which in turn, canresult in slower page rendering and transactions, ultimately increasing site abandonmentrates. Qwilt’s solution, which includes deep, collaborative partnerships with serviceproviders, distributes its edge caches deep inside service provider networks, bringing thecontent considerably closer to the website’s visitors.Qwilt’s intelligent edge caching nodes have inherent advantages over other CDN caches,including a shorter distance between cache and end-user, extensive compute and storagecapacity at the true network edge, and placement of the cache downstream of potentialcongestion at peering and exchange points. Qwilt’s caches, therefore, are unique in theirability to offer the highest quality delivery of a wide range of sites, such as digital publishingand e-commerce.

Udi Lerner, SVP Product and Solutions, Qwilt
Consumers are more likely to abandon awebsite if the web page takes too long to load or the transaction takes too long tocomplete. The outcome of poor delivery quality for publishers is the avoidable risk of losingcustomer engagement. By reducing latency and accelerating interactivity Qwilt can providesuperior quality and a great end-user experience. Our Site Delivery solution leverages the proven content delivery technology in our coreplatform and addresses the challenges web developers face. It is designed to helpdevelopers in their effort to create great digital experiences that boost sales and increasecustomer engagement and satisfaction.

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