QC forms technical working group for Oplan Kalinga implementation

The local government of Quezon City has formed a technical working group (TWG) to work with the national government to properly implement Oplan Kalinga programs.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte(FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN)

Oplan Kalinga is an initiative being implemented in the city, which seeks to provide quarantine facilities to possible and confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients of other cities that are no longer capable of accommodating their constituents for various reasons.

Through Executive Order No. 39 Series of 2020 issued by Mayor Joy Belmonte, the local government aims to “enhance the city’s coordination with the concerned national government agencies and barangays, and to ensure that safeguards are in place prior to each implementation” of the program.

Belmonte came up with the order as it was learned that the program is “not sufficiently coordinated,” which has reportedly resulted in “situations where patients have been monitored leaving the hotels and mingling with the community, thus increasing the possibility of infection.”

The local government “also discovered during various surprise inspections of hotels already utilized…that several of these hotels were found non-compliant with a number of city regulations.”

According to the local government, the TWG will inspect all selected isolation hotels in the city and to determine if they are compliant with existing local guidelines.

The TWG will also coordinate regarding the schedules “as to when hotels will be utilized as isolation or quarantine facilities” for the program.

Further, the TWG will also review other arrangements such as security, transportation, food provision and other essential needs of the patients, infectious waste management and disinfection, as well as monitor the conduct of final medical assessment and issuance of medical certificate before guest-patients can be “discharged” from their hotels.

“In spite of the situation, the Quezon City Government remains committed to support the national government in its endeavors, provided that proper coordination and safeguards are in place to ensure the safety and well being of the people of Quezon City,” said Belmonte in a statement on Tuesday regarding the creation of TWG, which she will also serve as a head.





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