Patients of Bayless Integrated Healthcare Develop Better Relationships with Providers Through New Technology | Business News

About Bayless Integrated Healthcare

Bayless Integrated Healthcare takes a collaborative approach to health, addressing the mental and physical care needs of our patients all under one roof. Our team of specialists provide compassionate, adaptable, innovative, reliable, and relentless care from infancy through late adulthood, offering family medicine, emotional and behavioral healthcare, addiction treatment, and social healthcare services for all ages and socioeconomic classes. Bayless has eight locations throughout the Valley and is the only accredited virtual care platform in Arizona. For more information, visit

Saykara is helping combat physician burnout and elevate productivity with a mobile AI assistant that automates clinical documentation. Known as ‘Kara,’ the assistant is proven to reduce time spent charting by 70%, eliminate after-hours charting by 100%, and enhance note quality and completeness by 25%. Plus, with no need for computer data entry during visits, Kara helps restore a more personalized and trusting physician-patient relationship. The solution is specialty agnostic, scalable at the enterprise level and available through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription. For additional information, go to

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