Microsoft’s Plans for Its Next-Gen Xboxes Come Into Focus

As has been rumored, Microsoft  (MSFT) – Get Report plans to sell two next-generation Xboxes this holiday season.

Following a series of leaks over the long weekend that removed any remaining suspense, Microsoft confirmed that its next-gen game-console lineup will include a small $299 system known as the Xbox Series S. 

Unlike the previously announced Xbox Series X, the Series S will lack an optical drive and instead rely only on a solid-state drive for storage.

Separately, Windows Central reports that the Series X will sell for $499, and that both the Series X and Series S will launch on Nov. 10. The Series X’s reported price is on par with what the Xbox One and Xbox One X sold for when they respectively launched in 2013 and 2017.

The Series S was codenamed Lockhart and is believed to have a less powerful GPU than the Series X.  Though the full specs for the Series S haven’t been unveiled yet, a leaked commercial indicates that the console will support 1440p-resolution gaming and contain a 512GB SSD. 

For comparison, the Series X supports 4K-resolution gaming – it technically also supports 8K gaming, if one has an 8K TV on hand – and a 1TB SSD.

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