Metavize partners with Metabloqs for 3D ‘meta-cities’

Metabloqs, a decentralised metaverse, has announced a new strategic partnership with Metavize Technology Solutions (Metavize), where Metavize will provide 3D spatial development and architectural services to companies who are interested in investing in properties and developing projects in ‘meta-cities’ in Metabloqs. 

Metabloqs aims to create meta cities that resemble real-world cities to provide a truly immersive experience to their users. Paris will be the first city to go live, scheduled to launch in June 2022. To build projects, users can present their projects and the community can vote and accept the proposal (DAO feature).

“Metablogs offer high-quality 3D graphics and truly immersive experience. There will be DIY user-friendly tools on Metabloqs for users who want to build their own projects,” said Megha Shrestha, CEO of Metabloqs. “We are very pleased with our strategic partnership with Metavize. This allows us to create a stunning experience that will catch users’ eyes, offer professional 3D spatial development and architectural services to our property investors and business operators, expediting their property development cycle and improving return-on-investment.” 

Driving user adoption and offering immersive experiences 

Metavize is a 3D spatial development and architectural service firm for the metaverse. It provides product development and architectural services for real estate developers, business operators, homeowners, and product marketing companies to provide its users an immersive experience in the metaverse.  

“As people spend more time in the digital space for leisure, commerce, and work, their expectations of user experience in the metaverse will be much higher and one that is closer to real-life experience,” commented Michael Leung, CEO of Metavize.  “We are very excited about our partnership with Metabloqs, who by far offer the best immersive experience among other metaverses that we have seen on the market. We believe this superb user experience will become a very important driver for user adoption.”

Pushing the boundaries in virtual space 

Metabloqs’ vision is to create a unique ecosystem where users can create, own, and monetise their experiences using token “BLOQS,” the native utility token. Citizens of Metabloqs are provided with a unique passport to enter the metaverse, purchase land and rare goods such as NFTs, and create their dream projects.  Metabloqs focuses on delivering a platform that helps crypto enthusiasts and early adopters navigate their field. 

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