Here are the top finance stories of the day for August 31

Welcome back.

It’s the last unofficial week of summer! (Yes, I know summer technically ends September 22, but everyone knows the season really runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.) 

It’s worth keeping an eye out on Thursday and Friday — if you aren’t already at the beach — for some news dumps by companies not looking to grab headlines.

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Jeff Bezos

Katherine Taylor/Reuters

We spent a lot of time last week talking about the future of the physical office space. 

And while a lot of companies are embracing a permanent transition to a more flexible working environment, one industry has been doubling down on its cubicles. 

Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have all looked to expand their office footprint while a majority of companies head in the opposite direction.

Alex Nicoll and Daniel Geiger have the full story on why Big Tech is still committed to offices. It’s an interesting dynamic, as many of the tech companies have also maintained they support employees working from home. 

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wealth management and tech wall street 2030 4x3

Samantha Lee/Business Insider

Add “tech” at the end of any industry, and there is a good chance you’ll find a ton of startups pitching themselves as disrupting the space through technology. Yoonji Han has the details on 10 legal tech startups that have raised the most funding from VC investors. See the full list here.

Lawyer in courtroom

Chris Ryan/Getty Images

We’ve spoken before about what draws lawyers to startups. Yoonji Han spoke to two general counsels at fintechs — Toast and Stash — to understand why they went from BigLaw to a startup. Here’s the full story.

 Odd lots:

Credit Suisse Uncovers Client Fraud at Wealth Management (Bloomberg)

Blackstone Gets Back Into Rental Houses With Tricon Deal (Bloomberg)

A toddler who drifted out to sea on a unicorn floaty was rescued by a passing ship (Insider)

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