Facebook’s Internal Black Lives Matter Debate Got So Bad Mark Zuckerberg Had to Step In

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admonished some of his own employees this week over remarks on the company’s internal messaging platform about racism and violence against Black men.

In a post on the social media giant’s internal communications channel Workplace last week, a Facebook staffer shared a post titled “In Support of Law Enforcement and Black Lives.” The post called into question the notion of racially disparate outcomes in the criminal-justice system, argued that racism is not a serious motivation in police shootings, railed against “critical race theory,” and claimed narratives about police violence often “conveniently leave out” other factors, including whether the victim was under the influence of drugs or complied with officers’ directives. 

The Facebook employee posted it days after police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake multiple times in the back, leaving him paralyzed, according to the man’s family.

“My heart goes out to the Blake family,” the staffer wrote on Friday. “It also goes out to the well-intentioned law enforcement officers who have been victimized by society’s conformity to a lie.” The staffer continued: “What if racial, economic, crime, and incarceration gaps cannot close without addressing personal responsibility and adherence to the law?”

Multiple Facebook sources told The Daily Beast that the piece sparked outrage among members of the company’s workforce. In an update atop the controversial post, the Facebook employee who authored it noted that he had deleted comments on the post, as the responses had become “unproductive and overwhelming to me.” He further acknowledged that “many of you found this to be offensive, which was not my intent.”

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