CleanGold(TM) to Clean Up Mining Industry with the Aid of Blockchain Technology

With the production of a single gold ring currently generating as much as 20 tonnes of waste, the ambitious CleanGold initiative seeks to shift the industry towards sustainability while introducing groundbreaking transparent practices to accelerate change.

CleanGold is deploying an incentive mechanism for mining operations, from the industrial to the artisanal, to digitize their operations using the blockchain. This innovation will also enable the market to purchase gold directly from miners.

For the purpose of getting the CleanGold network up and running, the CleanGold Pioneer membership has been established, providing a gold buyer with a discount.

Said CEO Barnaby Andersun, “This will allow gold buyers to lock in this discount, to the LBMA gold price at the time of purchase, with a right for the first refusal for all future mining operations that are on-boarded to the CleanGold ecosystem.”

The world’s supply chains have been massively impacted in 2020, and gold’s supply chain has not escaped. Major gold refineries worldwide have shut down, and shipments have been delayed causing unprecedented shortages.

“The challenge at this time is that there is not enough gold, and so we have developed the solution to enable the public to go direct to the gold miners,” Andersun said.

“As we also face these unprecedented circumstances worldwide, even gold dealers are struggling to fulfill orders, and gold buyers have struggled for reliable sources that actually secure the gold. This is leading to a wider understanding that much gold is held in paper only.

“CleanGold CGTC gold digital certificates track the price of gold and allow investors to buy gold at a discount on today’s gold price for physical delivery once mining operations are underway in 2021. Through our innovative CGTC digital gold certificate issuance, gold buyers are able to take up the discount because of their early participation in the mining operation.”

The first mining operations to take advantage of Clean Mining operations, which will be producing the first CleanGold, are from the world’s richest mining fields in Western Australia.” data-reactid=”47″>CleanGold(TM) is a group of visionary investors, miners, blockchain technologists, and entrepreneurs aiming to set the standard for enjoying the Earth’s bounty without passing a toll to future generations. Gold buyers can participate in securing their wealth and future wellbeing by becoming a member of the CleanGold Pioneer network; for more information, please visit the website at

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