New technology keeps Baltimore, seniors in touch

In recent weeks, city health officials were able to ditch the phone tree, thanks to a new computer system created by a corps of programmers from the volunteer group Code for Baltimore. The system can automatically email — and will soon be able to text — the facilities to assess needs and provide information.

In the first few weeks of operation, the system has been used to email surveys asking about specific needs related to the coronavirus pandemic, checking, for example, whether facilities lack personal protective gear or whether they need help understanding government orders on testing or infection control. Health Department staff can respond directly or point facilities to outside resources.

The effort to create the system began in March and accelerated when the scope of the pandemic was becoming clear.

Seniors and their communities have been hit particularly hard by covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. State

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Precision nutrition: What this new field is trying to accomplish, and why current technology could hold us back

The National Institutes of Health earlier this year unveiled its first-ever, institution-wide plan for nutrition research over the next decade, which includes a strong focus on the field of “precision nutrition.” In 2019, the US government invested $1.9 billion into nutrition research.

But some researchers are concerned our current technology may not be sophisticated enough to find the answers we’re looking for in the growing field of precision nutrition.

So, what is precision nutrition anyway, and why is the government investing so heavily in its promise?

“Precision nutrition is an approach to developing more targeted and effective diet interventions based on an individual’s personal characteristics,” said National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, referencing a paper he published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In other words, precision nutrition is an attempt to answer the question, “What should I eat to stay healthy?” Researchers analyze

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New technology export rules in China could affect TikTok sale to a US company

Plans for a TikTok sale may have a new obstacle, with China implementing new rules on AI technology exports, The New York Times reported. The new export control rules, which focus on technology the Chinese government considers sensitive, could mean that TikTok’s parent company, Beijing-based ByteDance, might need a license before it can sell TikTok to an American company.

The updated regulations prohibit exporting technology including text analysis, voice recognition, and content suggestions without a license from the Chinese government. According to The Wall Street Journal, a Chinese government official told state-run Xinhua News Agency that ByteDance should “seriously and cautiously” consider halting talks for a sale of TikTok.

Microsoft has been the front runner in talks to acquire TikTok which will apparently involve Walmart, and reports suggesting everyone from Twitter to Netflix to Oracle also were in separate talks with TikTok. Amid all the chaos, TikTok CEO Kevin

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