Best Technology for Back to School: Laptops, Monitors & More | The Strategist

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This time of year tends to leave my kids feeling bittersweet and my husband and me ecstatic. But 2020’s back to school will be … different. As a NYC parent of a rising 7th grader and 9th grader, I face a year with my kids in different schools, in different boroughs, with different schedules and different needs. And though the expectation (right now) is for some balance of remote and in-person learning, we know that can change at any minute.

With students, teachers, and parents all grappling with COVID-19-related uncertainty, and schools around the world still deciding how much learning will be remote or in-person, finding the right tech and tools to help kids succeed during this school year is even more confusing than usual. The one constant we can be sure of is that technology will be more important than ever this year. Here are just a few suggestions from my experience as a longtime tech writer and parent to help keep kids engaged, organized, and active in these strangest of times.

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