Day: September 24, 2020

Amazon launches Care Hub for family to monitor senior citizens

Amazon today introduced Care Hub, a way for people to monitor the activity of older adults or people who wish to live independent lives but may need assistance from friends or family. Care Hub works through Alexa-enabled devices like Echo speakers, including the ability to ensure that if a device hears “Alexa, call for help” that it can automatically call an emergency contact. Echo devices do not allow people to call 911, but Care Hub means that as long as far-field voice recognition picks up a voice, it can call a designated contact.

Alexa also allows friends or family to monitor an activity feed by viewing it on a smart phone. Users can set Care Hub to send contacts an automatic notification if the person being monitored fails to interact with an Echo device by a certain time of the day, according to Amazon VP Daniel Rausch.

Though it may

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A rival to upcoming Chromecast?

amazon fire tv stick lite winfuture 1

  • Amazon is reportedly working on a Fire TV Stick Lite gadget.
  • This would apparently replace the current standard Fire TV Stick.
  • We could see the device at Amazon’s hardware event tomorrow.

Google is widely expected to launch a new Chromecast dongle next week, purportedly packing Android TV and a $50 to $60 price tag. This might not be the only new cheap streaming gadget coming from a major brand though.

WinFuture reports that Amazon is working on a so-called Fire TV Stick Lite device which could replace the standard Fire TV Stick. There’s no word on technical details, but product images point to a revised remote with a brand-new TV button.

We’re not quite sure what a TV button would do, but the publication points to Amazon collaborating with broadcasters to make their content available on streaming devices. Presumably this would be a shortcut key to specific content then, akin

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Why Tyler Technologies, Cognizant, Conduent And DXC Technology Were Hit With Ransomware

The cyberattack against Tyler Technologies Wednesday had all the hallmarks of the ransomware strikes that have crippled massive systems integrators across the country this year, said Vitali Kremez, one of the top ethical hackers in the US.

“That’s the flavor of the day for many breaches,” Kremez told CRN Thursday. “Criminals are not pursuing single targets, they are looking for advanced networks. They want the keys to the kingdom so they can go after other victims … No one is safe.”

The attack against Tyler Technologies, No. 46 on the 2019 CRN Solution Provider 500, comes just months after vicious ransomware infections crippled three of the world’s 20 largest solution providers – Cognizant, Conduent and DXC Technology. All told, the four solution providers who succumbed to ransomware in 2020 have combined revenue of $41.93 billion and a joint market cap of $54.36 billion.

[Related: The Wipro Breach: Why Managed Service

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Facebook takes down suspicious accounts linked to Russia

Facebook has taken down a slew of suspicious accounts on Facebook and Instagram tied to Russian military or intelligence assets, according to a report the company released Thursday. 

The FBI tipped Facebook off on some of the posts, which led to the removal of some of the accounts. They targeted several countries, including the U.S., U.K., China and Belarus, although Facebook said the activity primarily focused on Syria and Ukraine. 

“We removed three separate networks for violating our policy against foreign or government interference which is coordinated inauthentic behavior (CIB) on behalf of a foreign or government entity. These networks originated in Russia,” Facebook announced on its website. One network was tied to the Russian military, another was linked to the Russian Internet Research Agency and the third was associated with Russian intelligence services.

On a call with reporters, Nathaniel Gleicher, head of security policy for Facebook, described the three

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Spacecraft DAPPER will study ‘Dark Ages’ of the universe in radio waves

Spacecraft DAPPER will study 'Dark Ages' of the universe in radio waves
Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF, Sophia Dagnello

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) has joined a new NASA space mission to the far side of the Moon to investigate when the first stars began to form in the early universe.

The universe was dark and foggy during its “dark ages,” just 380 thousand years after the Big Bang. There were no light-producing structures yet like stars and galaxies, only large clouds of hydrogen gas. As the universe expanded and started to cool down, gravity drove the formation of the stars and black holes, which ended the dark ages and initiated the “cosmic dawn,” tens of millions of years later.

To learn more about that dark period of the cosmos and understand how and when the first stars began to form, astronomers are trying to catch energy produced by these hydrogen clouds in the form of radio waves, via the so-called 21-centimeter line.


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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff praises Larry Ellison for TikTok deal

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff praised Oracle chief Larry Ellison’s efforts to break into the social media space with a potential TikTok partnership. 

The enterprise software maker was approved for a deal in principle over the weekend to partner with the rapidly growing social media app, allowing it to avoid a U.S. shutdown. Oracle said it will become TikTok’s secure cloud provider and will become a minority investor with a 12.5% stake in the company.

Benioff said that the coroanvirus pandemic should be driving new urgency at companies, and praised Ellison’s boldness in buying a consumer-focused social media network — a company far outside of Oracle’s historical expertise.

“I’m so impressed by seeing them and everyone else make these aggressive moves,” Benioff said Wednesday on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.”

“Because I’m mostly worried about the companies that aren’t making aggressive moves. I’m calling CEOs who are friends of mine who are in

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The Democratization Of Opportunity Through Technology

Gary Fowler is a serial AI entrepreneur with 15 startups and an IPO. He is CEO and Co-Founder of GSD Venture Studios and

Mad scientist. Genius. Visionary. Delusional. Nikola Tesla’s name evoked a wide variety of opinions 150 years ago. But today, many regard him as one of the most influential scientists who, in many ways, foresaw the development of the world we live in now.

The Serbian-American scientist’s genius inspired such inventions as the radio, power grids and even Elon Musk’s electric car. These are things we so seamlessly use today — and even take for granted. Tesla registered around 300 patents, and he developed a few progressive and unusual ideas that, although they didn’t pass as realistic at the time, are possible today.

For example, the “thought camera” he believed could “read” the image in a person’s mind is the precedent for the mind-reading algorithms

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Growth to Go with 2 Cheap Classic Tech Stocks

a close up of text on a black background: Chart showing the S&P 500 Index Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Sales (P/S) & Price to Book (P/B) from 2015 to 2020.

© Source: S&P 500 Index Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Sales (P/S) & Price to Book (P/B) — Source: …
Chart showing the S&P 500 Index Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Sales (P/S) & Price to Book (P/B) from 2015 to 2020.

Investing in growth stocks has become very challenging in September. The big, modern names in technology, along with all of the indexed investments and ETFs that track them, have all had some bigger down days. And the “buy now for future performance” argument is getting really tough to swallow, as valuation metrics for the big tech sector are very inflated.

The S&P 500 Index is, of course, significantly more tech weighted at 27.86%, so the big tech stocks are the driver for the index. And as a result, the index — even with the sell-off so far in September — still is at multi-year highs in

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5 things Texas Tech fans need to know about No. 8 Texas, including the Longhorns’ two new coordinators

Coming off a shaky season opener, the Red Raiders are up against one of the best teams in the country in Texas. The Longhorns head into this matchup coming off an annihilation of UTEP two weeks ago.

Here are five things Texas Tech fans need to know about Texas:

New offensive coordinator

After last year’s disappointing season, Tom Herman lost both his offensive and defensive coordinators. On the offensive side, Texas brought in Mike Yurcich, the former passing game coordinator from Ohio State.

Despite a solid year from quarterback Sam Ehlinger last season, the Longhorns finished fifth in the conference, stumbling to a record of 8-5. In the first game under Yurcich, the Longhorn offense hummed as Ehlinger threw for 426 yards and five touchdowns despite sitting all but one drive in the second half.

Another former Buckeye

Texas hired Chris Ash as the new defensive coordinator in December to

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Amazon Announces Luna, Another Cloud-Based Streaming Game Service

With two new physical gaming consoles less than a month and a half away from release, Amazon announces Luna, a new paid game streaming service aimed at allowing subscribers to play PC games remotely on computers, phones, and tablets. It’s sort of like Stadia with a slightly better controller.

a screen shot of a computer monitor

© Screenshot: Amazon

By subscribing to Amazon Luna, now accepting sign-ups for early access at the introductory price of $5.99 per month, players gain access to a curated library of PC games called the Luna+ game channel. Games will be playable across a broad range of devices, including Fire TV, PC and Mac, and iOS devices (via a web-based app that bypasses Apple’s app store, via Engadget), with Android support available in the coming weeks.


© Screenshot: Amazon

Titles expected to be playable during early access on the Luna+ game channel include Resident Evil 7, Control, Panzer Dragoon

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