Day: September 13, 2020

Startup Distributes $150,000 In Emergency Grants From Acumen Fund To Homeowners

Some 35% of Americans report missing a mortgage payment due to the pandemic and more than 50% are cutting back on essential expenses to afford to make their mortgage payment, according to the National Realtors Association.

With that in mind, impact investor Acumen Fund recently tapped fintech startup EarnUp to distribute $150,000 in emergency funds to homeowners struggling to make ends meet in the current crisis.

EarnUp’s platform automates the process of paying a mortgage, letting borrowers schedule payments when they’re most likely to have the money and change that schedule if they have a few more days to go until payday. Launched in 2013, the company manages more than $10 billion of loans on its platform.

Half a Mortgage Payment

EarnUp started distributing the grants earlier this month, focusing on over 1,000 customers who have entered into forbearance or show other indications of having difficulty

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Why Big Oil Cares So Much About Reducing Methane Gas Leaks

In trying to figure out why major oil and gas companies operating in the U.S. seem to be more interested in controlling their emissions of methane than are the federal agencies that are supposed to be regulating them, it helps to remember the old journalism maxim – follow the money.

The EPA under President Trump recently rolled back Obama-era rules to require oil and gas companies to track and limit the volumes of the potent greenhouse gas they pumped into the atmosphere. While many small to midsized independent operators hailed the regulatory rollback, in general the integrated international companies such as ExxonMobil

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The Enduring Mystery of Earth’s Water

You have to go to extreme lengths to find places on Earth that don’t reveal that they’re part of a water-rich planet. Even the highest and driest deserts, like the Atacama Plateau in South America, still get a minimum of a couple of millimeters of annual precipitation on average (although there are places where we don’t yet know what the average is because it’s simply not rained for years). And if you whip out your handy mass spectrometer on a desert walkabout the chances are that you’ll be able to detect at least a few atmospheric water molecules.

Go elsewhere, and it’s hard to imagine anything but a water-logged world. More than 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered in oceans and roughly 97 percent of the surface water is in those oceans, leaving a scant 1 percent as freshwater. Water is also seldom static, whether it’s flowing in ocean

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TikTok Latest News on U.S.-China Status: ByteDance Says It Won’t Sell Algo: SCMP

TikTok’s parent ByteDance has decided it won’t sell or transfer the algorithm behind the video-sharing app in any sale or divestment, the South China Morning Post reported, citing a source briefed on the Chinese company’s boardroom discussions.

The company will not hand out the source code behind the social media platform but the company’s U.S. based technology team would be free to develop a new algorithm, the newspaper said, adding that this would be a condition for a sale of the company’s U.S. assets.

ByteDance and TikTok didn’t immediately respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

Separately, Fox reporter Charles Gasparino tweeted on Sunday that any TikTok deal would probably require negotiations between the U.S. government and its Chinese counterpart to succeed.

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Tesla Supercharger glitch gives free charge to EVs in Europe

Super-fast charging for Tesla electric vehicles just arrived in new cities in Germany. The only problem? Any electric vehicle can take advantage of the new charging stations. For free. 

The V3 Supercharger stations were installed around Berlin and are in other parts of Europe after a 2019 launch of the fast-charging system in California. Tesla says the higher-level connection gives 75 miles of range in five minutes. Tesla drivers in Germany are charged 0.33 Euros per kWh and the Model 3 sedan has a 50 kWh battery, so a full battery charge would be about 16 Euros.

The charging network is supposed to be exclusive to Tesla owners, but the physical connector at the European stations fits into other electric vehicle ports. Normally, the software should require a Tesla account to allow the electrons to flow and a connected credit card to pay for the juice. But that’s not happening

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YouTube faces legal battle over children’s privacy

a young girl using a laptop computer sitting on top of a window

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YouTube is facing a legal battle for allegedly breaching the privacy and data rights of under-13s in the UK.

A claim lodged with the High Court against parent company Google accuses the firm of collecting children’s data without parental consent.

Privacy expert Duncan McCann, who is bringing the action, argues this is a breach of UK and European (EU) law.

A YouTube spokesperson said it does not comment on pending litigation and the platform is not for use by under-13s.

Mr McCann, a father of three children under the age of 13, believes that if the case is successful, damages of between £100 and £500 could be payable to those whose data was breached.

“When the internet first emerged, we used to be worried about how children used the internet, said Mr McCann.

“That is still a problem, but now it’s a two-way street. We need to

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3 TSX Tech Stocks to Handle With Caution

Growth stocks are coming in for a bashing, as the market stumbled into September. It’s been a glum end to the summer, bringing a veritable bloodbath of red ink. Some pundits have been quick to call the selloff, which began as a limited tech stock correction, a market crash. But while we’re not quite at March levels of fear, the sentiment in the markets has undeniably shifted, as we head into the new season.

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Summer’s tech stock trends turn toxic

Facedrive aims to provide a ride-hailing service based on an environmentally friendly fleet. It’s a cute idea and has seen a lot of investor interest. But its momentum — in both directions — is becoming increasingly dangerous. Up by around 650% this year, the name has pulled back sharply of late. Facedrive has ditched about 25% in the last four weeks.

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Surface Duo reviews round-up: A less-than-perfect 10 from the tech press

Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo began arriving in customers’ hands last Thursday, the same day that the company lifted its embargo and allowed members of the tech press who had received advance shipments to post their reviews. That resulted in a flood of coverage worthy of a category-defining device that had been eagerly awaited since its announcement nearly a year earlier. 

That blizzard of coverage was almost overwhelming, encompassing tens of thousands of words, hundreds of pictures, and enough video to fill a YouTube channel.

The reviews covered a lot of ground, but most reached similar conclusions. The hardware is gorgeous, the software still needs work, and performance is adequate but done in by components that need an upgrade.

The camera came in for the most criticism, and rightly so, especially given the $1400+ price tag on this unusual device, and most reviewers concluded that this is an exciting device that

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Why This Time Will Not Be Different for Nvidia Stock

NVDA) stock lost 17% of its value. However, investors shouldn’t panic.” data-reactid=”12″In three sessions beginning last Thursday, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) stock lost 17% of its value. However, investors shouldn’t panic.

Nvidia (NVDA) logo on the indoor wall of a corporate building made of yellow tiles

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take the long view. In turn, investors who kept that focus, kept their cool and focused on high-quality stocks were rewarded.” data-reactid=”29″After all, we’ve been here before. It was just six months ago that the market as a whole was plunging. My advice then was simple: take the long view. In turn, investors who kept that focus, kept their cool and focused on high-quality stocks were rewarded.

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New drone technology could get stadiums ready for sports again

Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Former Commodore infielder Julian Infante was a leader for the Vandy Boys, and never turns down an opportunity to make a difference.

“It all started with a few friends of mind bringing me on board. They had the idea of exterior cleaning, so we started cleaning buildings and with everything going the way it’s going, we really saw the opportunity the help people out with sanitation,” said Infante.

Andrew Ashur is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lucid technologies, a company that during the Coronavirus pandemic, has developed drone technology to clean big spaces quickly and safely.

“There is obviously health implications, wanting to provide fans with a healthy sanitized environment and psychology, giving these fans a place to feel comfortable and trying to get them comfortable with going to sporting events,” said Ashur.

Getting stadiums and venues ready in a timely matter is Lucid’s top priority.


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