Day: September 5, 2020

Johnson City CSD introduces new technology to combat COVID-19

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — As schools prepare for students to return, Johnson City Central School District officials are thinking of ways to keep staff and students safe and healthy.

The Intelli-Temp thermal scanner made by Intelligreen is the district’s new line of defense to prevent COVID-19.

“It’s accurate to half a degree and we figure we can do 15 to 20 individuals in a minute,” said Assistant Superintendent for Administration Eric Race.

Right now, the district is asking parents to continue to take their child’s temperature before sending them to school because these scanners won’t be used on everyone, every day.

“This was done as an added precaution, to try to mitigate anybody from having a temperature from entering the building,” said Race.

Each morning, students will enter the high school through four doors, creating four lines. Two of those four lines will be tested at random through the scanners.

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Graycliff Exploration Adds to Technical Team

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2020 / (“Graycliff” or the “Company”) ( ) ( ) is pleased to announce that Mr. Bruce Durham and Mr. Don McKinnon Jr. have joined the Company’s Technical Advisory Board (the “Advisory Board”).Both new Advisory Board members bring extensive experience and have deep knowledge of the area hosting Graycliff’s Shakespeare Project. Mr. Durham will also serve as the Company’s Qualified Person (“QP”).“We look forward to drawing off of the wealth of knowledge about the area that these gentlemen have. We believe that we are onto something special at Shakespeare and the addition to our technical team is a key piece to achieving success,” stated James Macintosh, President and CEO. “We look forward to working together.“Mr. Bruce DurhamBruce Durham, a Professional Geologist and University of Western Ontario graduate, has held numerous senior positions with successful exploration groups and currently is CEO and Director of

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4 places to avoid putting your Amazon Echo in your home


Keep your Amazon Echo in a safe place.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Your Amazon Echo is there to help when it comes to setting up your preferred music streaming service and setting reminders. However, it doesn’t tell you the best and safest areas in your house to place the smart speaker. You’re probably thinking, “Does it really matter where I put it as long as I can speak to Alexa from most areas in my house?” Our answer is yes. 

Placing your Alexa device in certain areas of your house could risk your privacy, security or even damage your Echo

For example, did you know intruders can access your smart speaker from outside if it’s placed too close to a window? We’re here to tell you where you shouldn’t place your Echo speaker and the best spots for it. Read on for more information.

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European Space Agency Wants to Hear Your Ideas for Missions

If there’s an area of space you’ve always dreamed of exploring, now is your chance to make it happen: The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting researchers, private companies, and even citizen scientists to submit proposals for future space missions.

Every three years the ESA council meets to decide on new missions for the next years and to consider various proposals for what should be funded. The next meeting is coming up at the end of this year, and proposals for new missions will be accepted up to October 4, 2020.

The proposals can be about any area of space, from solving an open scientific question, to gathering new data about our planet from orbit. They can also include proposals for new ways to travel through space.

Examples given by ESA of the kinds of projects it is interested in include the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, an ESA spacecraft currently

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Best of IFA 2020 Awards: The best new tech

Trade show attendance may have slowed, but innovation has not. IFA 2020 has wrapped for the year following three days of in-person, virtual, and satellite events. There’s no denying the reality of the show was peculiar but the announcements, products, and technologies presented were just as groundbreaking as ever. This is Android Authority‘s Best of IFA 2020 Awards.

Phones & Wearables

Best smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

This year, Samsung unveiled a much improved Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. With a $2,000 price tag, the Z Fold 2 aspires to get foldables right at any cost. With an improved external display, better-protected hinge mechanism, and notable camera upgrade, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one foldable everyone is betting on.

Best budget smartphone: ZTE Axon 20 5G

If you’re after something a little more affordable, there’s no going past the ZTE Axon 20 5G. Not

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Decarbon8 names the first three startups for its climate-focused philanthropic investment fund

Decarbon8-US, the recently launched, climate-focused philanthropic investment fund, has announced the first three startups that it will be supporting and putting forward for additional investments. The companies are developing technologies that aim to boost electric vehicle adoption, carbon capture and hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

a car parked in a parking lot: A startup focused on electric vehicle charging is among those being funded by Decarbon8. (City of Seattle Photo)

© Provided by Geekwire
A startup focused on electric vehicle charging is among those being funded by Decarbon8. (City of Seattle Photo)

Anyone can donate to the fund, and contributions are tax-deductible. The fund has raised $175,000 with the goal of $250,000.

On Sept. 10, the companies will make online presentations about their businesses and E8, a Seattle-based network of angel investors that created Decarbon8, will share information about the program. Those who are interested can register online.

The three startups were selected from a pool of 38 that applied for funding. The investment committee includes experienced investors and subject-matter experts from academia and the nonprofit sector.

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Original Oculus Quest Reportedly Discontinued, Unannounced New Version Coming

After only being available for a little over a year, it appears the Oculus Quest could be on its way out–or at least the original version of the headset. Just prior to Facebook Connect, retailers have begun delisting the Quest and are reportedly saying it has been discontinued.

Speaking to UploadVR, a UK sales representative said the device had reached its “end of life” and no more shipments will be arriving. It will likely give way to a new and improved Quest rather than signify the standalone headset’s complete demise. It has sold well and has been regularly out of stock at retailers well before its apparent discontinuation.

On September 16, Facebook will hold an AR- and VR-focused conference called Facebook Connect. A replacement for the Oculus Connect conference, the name change comes as Oculus Research itself was renamed to Facebook Reality Labs. Given the massive brand recognition for Oculus,

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A novel betavoltaic technology with dyes for better energy production

A novel betavoltaic technology with dyes for better energy production
The diagram shows the inside of a betavoltaic cell and explains the flow of electrons inside the battery. Credit: DGIST/Royal Society of Chemistry

Electronic devices are becoming smaller, more connected, and more powerful; and they still have one thing in common: they need energy to function. Even miniature implantable medical devices and remote Internet-of-Things sensors need some amount of power to run, making it a challenge to design equally small, efficient, and durable batteries for them.

One of the alternatives that could potentially be the answer to these problems is the “betavoltaic cell.” These cells are a type of power source akin to photovoltaic cells that, instead of producing an electric current by capturing visible or ultraviolet light, creates electricity using a type of radiation (beta decay) generated internally by a radioactive material. The biggest issue with existing betavoltaic cells is their low conversion efficiency. This means that only a

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Here’s why the Dow plunged last week and what’s ahead for the stock market



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A bout of volatility returned to financial markets with a vengeance last week, disrupting a nearly uninterrupted climb to records for U.S. stock indexes and raising questions about the path for Wall Street headed into a hornet’s nest of challenges for investors.

Perhaps, the overarching question is, “What the heck just happened to equity markets in the 48 hours after the S&P 500 index (SPX) and Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP)on Wednesday notched their 22nd and 43rd closing records of 2020 respectively, and the Dow (DJIA) scored its first finish above 29,000 since February, bringing it within 2% of its Feb. 12 all-time closing high?”

From the bull’s perspective, not a lot has changed.

Bullish investors see the promise of lower interest rates for years to come and further injections of money by the Federal Reserve into various parts of the financial system, along with perhaps

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Lidar is dull on iPads, but could go beyond AR on the iPhone 12 Pro

While many of Apple’s investments in innovative technologies pay off, some just don’t: Think back to the “tremendous amount” of money and engineering time it spent on force-sensitive screens, which are now in the process of disappearing from Apple Watches and iPhones, or its work on Siri, which still feels like it’s in beta nine years after it was first integrated into iOS. In some cases, Apple’s backing is enough to take a new technology into the mainstream; in others, Apple gets a feature into a lot of devices only for the innovation to go nowhere.

Lidar has the potential to be Apple’s next “here today, gone tomorrow” technology. The laser-based depth scanner was the marquee addition to the 2020 iPad Pro that debuted this March, and has been rumored for nearly two years as a 2020 iPhone feature. Recently leaked rear glass panes for the iPhone 12 Pro and

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