Virginia Tech football hopes pause is just a ‘one-week blip’ | Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech football hopes pause is just a ‘one-week blip’ | Virginia Tech

Tech allowed parents and guardians of the football players to virtually attend this morning’s team meeting, where Fuente and athletic director Whit Babcock informed the group that the team’s opener scheduled for Sept. 19 against Virginia was postponed and football activities were being paused.

Babcock said it wasn’t an easy conversation to have considering it was already the second time Tech’s opener under the ACC’s modified schedule needed to be postponed.

“You could tell they were disappointed, angry,” Babcock said. “I look at it, I know I’ve said this, but I’m doing my best as an athletic director when I look at them through the eyes of my son. So I try to speak to them and those parents with empathy on that. Also tell them that I’m sorry and that we can still do it.”

With the ACC having begun football competition Thursday, players are now getting tested for COVID-19 three times a week. Tech won’t have any football-related activities for at least four days, which will allow the student-athletes to go through another round of testing.

“I believe we will get another update on Monday and then at least it’s a chance, if you’re able to, to bring the team back together on Tuesday and if you can proceed, you do and if you can’t, you don’t,” Babcock said. “We are hoping that this works out to be a one-week blip. It just seems to be our turn at this time.”

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