The Satisfyingly Gross Foot Peel That’s Garnered 12 Million Views on TikTok

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Nobody really knows what’s going on with TikTok at the moment (the Trump administration is trying pretty hard to shut the app down), but what’s for certain is that the platform’s viral beauty hacks — from oil-absorbing pore strips to $7 anti-aging serums — will always have a place in our hearts… and our wallets. 

The latest viral item we have our eyes on has already garnered more than 12 million views on the app, and it has that gross-yet-satisfying quality that’s hard not to love. TikTok users are raving about Plantifique’s foot peel mask, while shoppers on Amazon are going as far as saying it’s better than Babyfoot, the popular peel that Emmy-winning actress Zendaya uses.  

“This peel works 100 percent better than Baby Foot and the other brands I’ve tried,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “The price point is especially appealing as it costs about 1/4 of other brands out there. 10/10 will be used again.”

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Like most foot peel masks, using Plantifique’s is simple: After soaking your feet in water, you wear the product like a pair of socks for 90 minutes. Then the real fun begins; over the next week, your feet will peel like a snake shedding its skin — in the grossest, most satisfying way possible. 

Unlike most foot peel masks, Plantifique’s costs just $13 a pop (others cost upwards of $25 for one). Nearly 4,000 Amazon shoppers have given it an average 4.4-star rating thanks to its ability to lift away dry, full layers of skin and leave behind a smooth, un-calloused texture. And for the record, the mask has been tested by dermatologists to ensure that it won’t hurt or damage your feet. 


TikTok user @jleesterr demonstrated just how well it works in her now-viral video where you can see her wearing the mask in one shot, and then peeling off dry and dead skin in the other. Who knew there was something out there as satisfying to watch as a Dr. Pimple Popper video? 

“I couldn’t stop watching this even though I wanted to,” one user reacted. “Snakes have been real quiet since you posted this,” wrote another. 

Below, you can shop this weird but damn-well necessary peel mask that will transform your feet in days. Who knows, maybe it’ll shed away all the bad memories of 2020, too. 


Shop now: $26 (two-pack);

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