That’s all folks, the singularity is near. Elon Musk’s cyber pigs and brain computer tech

Goodbye Dolly. Hello Gertrude and Dorothy.

Joining the first sheep that was ever cloned as a sign of our science fact future, this past week, celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk gave a presentation about Neuralink, his company that is focusing on creating technology that links with brains. As part of it, he introduced pigs who had the prototype devices implanted in them. The internet dubbed them Cyber Pigs and portions of readings from Gertrude’s brain were played.

Brain computer technology is at a point where the potential medical implications are so exciting many players are pursuing different approaches to the field. The ethics of using this technology are sometimes best explained in science fiction like “Black Mirror” and “The Matrix.”

To discuss the latest in brain computer technology and the Neuralink presentation, we are joined by Graeme Moffat. He is a Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and also the Chief Scientist and cofounder of System 2 Neurotechnology. He was formerly Chief Scientist and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with Interaxon, a Toronto-based world leader in consumer neurotechnology.

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