Technology Providing Navigation in GPS-Denied Environment wins Grand Prize in xTechSearch Competition | Article

WASHINGTON, DC (September 11, 2020) – The U.S. Army announced the winner of the third xTechSearch competition at the virtual xTech 3 Summit event on Sept. 11, 2020.TRX Systems based out of Greenbelt, Maryland took the top prize of $250,000 for their assured positioning, navigation, and timing technology: Dismount GPS-Denied and NAVWAR Threat Detection. Their technology delivers location indoors and underground, in areas where GPS is not reliable or available."In this process with xTech, especially with that last award, we were able to spend a lot more of our energy on business development. We submitted 19 proposals during this time and that was less than 18 months ago,” explained Carol Politi, president and CEO of TRX Systems, during her proof-of-concept demonstration. “We’ve had nine awards with eight pending. And we were able to land three phase III transition programs – including the ability to transition the specific innovation we proposed

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