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Goldman’s global stock chief says tech investors should expand beyond the usual mega-cap favorites and focus on these 3 specific areas

  • Peter Oppenheimer – the chief global equity strategist at Goldman Sachs – said in a Bloomberg interview that investors should diversify out of popular mega-cap tech names and consider three new areas within the sector: medical tech, educational tech, and environmental tech. 
  • He said that the new bull market we’re in right now will be driven by large tech firms, similar to the prior instance, as digital revolution disrupts the nature of many “traditional businesses.”
  • Oppenheimer also said the traditional 60/40 portfolio is likely to generate “very low return.”
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Investors with all of their holdings concentrated in mega-cap tech stocks may want to diversify into three specific areas within technology that are likely to grow during this new bull market phase, according to Goldman Sach’s Peter Oppenheimer.

The chief global equity strategist told Bloomberg on Wednesday the new cycle we’re in

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Goldman’s Oppenheimer Says Tech Can Continue Driving Bull Market

(Bloomberg) — Technology stocks remain investors’ best bet and can continue driving returns in the current bull market, according to Peter Oppenheimer, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s chief global equity strategist, even as the near-term risk of a market correction persists.

The Wall Street guru is advising clients to keep their faith in tech stocks after numerous market players got burned last week during a plunge in the Nasdaq 100 Index, driven by some of the frothier tech companies like Amazon.com and Apple Inc. Goldman is maintaining its overweight recommendation in tech stocks in every region thanks to the sector’s strong cash generation, earnings and stable balance sheets, said Oppenheimer.

In backing some of the biggest stock market winners of the past six months, Oppenheimer is wagering on an acceleration in the “digital revolution” fueled by lockdowns and increased use of the internet and technology as working from home became the

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