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Rethinking Equipment and Technology | Glass Magazine

My previous column for Glass Magazine focused on three reasons why commercial glass manufacturers can benefit from adopting new equipment and technology on the plant floor. The column was drafted in March and appeared in April—and in some ways, it feels like that was a lifetime ago.

Since then, our industry and every other have been dramatically reshaped by the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re reading this, chances are your organization was deemed “essential,” and you’ve needed to implement unprecedented safety measures throughout the business in order to minimize the likelihood of viral spread while still delivering on customer demands.

As we approach the fall, with the initial shutdown and economic pause largely 
behind us but necessary safety precautions still in place, most customers I’ve spoken with recently have found themselves as busy as ever. Orders are up, and manufacturers are navigating new operational challenges associated with

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3 trends impacting Smart Glass Market outlook through 2026

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Selbyville, Delaware, United States, September 22 2020 (Wiredrelease) Global Market Insights, Inc –:Increased focus on user controlled windows used in construction will stimulate the smart glass market forecast in the coming years. Smart glass is mainly utilized in buildings to offer privacy and comfort to the residents. Active smart controls the flow of sunlight in automobile windows with the help of user-controlled electric stimulation as opposed to material components in passive glasses.

Global smart glass manufacturers are working on product innovations, acquisitions, and partnerships for industrial expansion. They are also engaged in major investments to reduce the overall product costs by deploying raw materials and technologies. Some of the prominent manufacturers of smart glass market include Polytronix, Saint Gobain, RavenWindow, Smartglass International, NSG group, View Inc, Asahi glass, Merck &, Co., Gauzy, and Pleotint LLC.

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As per

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Zuckerberg knocks rumored ‘Apple Glass’ tech, says HUDs are like ‘putting an Apple Watch on your face’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday snubbed heads-up display and remote processing technology, systems Apple are rumored to adopt in a first-generation “Apple Glass” product, as inadequate for augmented reality applications.

Zuckerberg in an interview with The Verge explained that the transition from VR products like Facebook’s Oculus series to portable AR setups will be an especially challenging problem for hardware manufacturers to solve.

Specifically, the AR experience will only be “good” when a pair of “normal-looking glasses” can project holograms onto real world scenes, he said. That level of sophistication will require significant computing power and is far beyond the capabilities of existing hardware.

“I don’t think we’re anywhere near getting all the electronics that you would need to get into a thin frame,” Zuckerberg said. “But the hope would be that you can get it into more normal-looking glasses in the first part of this decade or the

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Smashing the Glass Ceiling in VC Funding and the Workplace

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the Big Bang-like expansion of the demand for tools that facilitate working from home, propelling the valuation of Zoom to more than $80 billion, twice as much as the combined valuation of the seven largest airlines in the world. As the chairwoman and president of the company which owns the TransparentBusiness SaaS platform, designated by Citigroup as the Top People Management Solution, I see an opportunity for creating a company valued on par with Zoom. But as a female founder, I face a hard-to-crack glass ceiling:VC funds don’t finance female entrepreneurs in the tech business.

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To be precise, VCs only allocate a meager 2.2% of their funding to startups with female founders. In 2018, VCs; total funding of companies that have female

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s new Gorilla Glass is tough, but we still broke it

Samsung went all-out for the Note 20 Ultra, putting a powerful camera and gorgeous screen in its most premium design yet with what Samsung claims is the strongest glass ever used on a phone. It’s the first phone, and the only one of Samsung’s new line-up to have the latest Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and back which is more resistant against both scratches and drops, according to Corning . The regular Note 20 has Gorilla Glass 5 (now two generations old) on the front, and plastic on the back, but it costs almost $300 less than the $1,300 (£1,180, AU$1,890) Ultra. 

© Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

The phone went into a bag with a set of keys, coins and pens to test out the

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Singapore glass technology company sets up shop in Columbus – Business – The Columbus Dispatch

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus to find its niche in the emerging “smart glass” industry.

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus with the goal of transforming the emerging “smart glass” industry.

The company, Nodis, has developed what it says is a less-expensive way to produce glass that can be tinted and otherwise controlled by a user.

Nodis worked for five years in Singapore to develop its TruTint technology and is now moving its executive team to Columbus. The company plans to open a factory in central Ohio to manufacture its key “nano particle” component, which will be applied to a film in Korea before being shipped to glass manufacturers worldwide to embed in the final smart glass product.

“We use nano particles suspended in liquid that can be oriented when a voltage is applied, acting like a shutter on the window,” said Mike Holt, an adviser to

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Apple is reinventing eye tracking technology to bring it to ‘Apple Glass’

To bring the ability to track where a wearer’s gaze and attention are focused, without requiring costly processing or battery-draining performance, Apple is having to develop a whole new system of eye tracking technology for “Apple Glass.”

Future Apple AR devices are not going to have any problem figuring out when you’ve turned your head to the left or right. What’s going to be much more difficult is figuring out when your head is stationary but your eyes are moving.

So if an AR device is presenting a book to you, it would be good if it knew when you’d reached the bottom of the page. In a game when you’re hunting for treasure, it’s going to have to be pretty big treasure unless there’s a way for the device to know precisely where your eyes are looking.

“Method and Device for Eye Tracking Using Event Camera Data”, a newly

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