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Brothers add fun without fear to high-tech haunted house in Pontiac


The Terebus brothers, owners of the Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac, bring their over the top style to new escape rooms at Erebus Escape.

The Detroit News

Pontiac — It’s not every day you find yourself paying to be locked in a room with a corpse or two, let alone an evil Ice Queen but at Erebus Escape that’s exactly what you’re doing and enjoying every minute of it. 

Brothers and co-owners Ed and Jim Terebus, who also own the nearby Erebus Haunted Attraction, have spent over 40 years in the business of fright, including three years with Erebus Escape, where teams of players work together in an interactive scenario to find clues and solve riddles and puzzles with the goal of freeing themselves within a time limit. 

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Fun Belt upest; Big Ten comeback?

Published 9:53 p.m. ET Sept. 12, 2020 | Updated 1:56 a.m. ET Sept. 13, 2020

On the first Saturday of the college football season with Power Five conference teams playing, the Sun Belt was the star and the Big Ten grabbed headlines without even playing.

What figures to be at best a weird season as teams try to navigate the pandemic ramped up Saturday with 19 games, including a bunch involving the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big 12.

The Power Five conferences all modified their schedules for this season to deal with the inevitable disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Good call. Three Big 12 teams had their openers this weekend postponed, including No. 15 Oklahoma State. In the ACC, four hours before the first conference’s first game of the season, it was announced that next week’s Virginia-Virginia Tech game was being postponed.

Welcome to 2020, folks. When the games

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Kathy Ireland Talks Hemp, CBD, And Fun Times With Warren Buffett, Bill Gates

Supermodel turned ultra-successful entrepreneur Kathy Ireland recently entered the CBD industry.

Through a licensing partnership, Ireland and hemp company Vertical Wellness will produce a line of CBD products for beauty, health and wellness, and pets. They will be marketed under several katy ireland World Wide brands.

The entrepreneur also joined Vertical Wellness’ advisory board. 

During an exclusive conversation, Ireland explained that learning and “working in many different capacities in the health industry” have been passions of hers for years. And this really shows in her extensive advocacy and volunteer work.

CBD certainly falls under this category of advocating for healthcare alternatives, she said.

In her view, “the powers of CBD cannot

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