At ‘GAC Tech Day’, hydrogen fuel-cell technology takes the limelight, highlights GAC’s scientific depth and technical capabilities

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Recently at the GAC Tech Day 2020, GAC Group unveiled its latest scientific and technological achievements, including two major platform technologies and three futuristic technologies. Powering current innovations at GAC Group are the Global Platform Modular Architecture (GPMA) that incorporates traditional fuel power as well as the GAC Electric Platform (GEP) 2.0. Building on these platforms, GAC Group announced three technological breakthroughs: the ADiGO 3.0 intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle Aion LX Fuel Cell and 3DG graphene preparation technology, these leading technologies will enable GAC Group to achieve much more in the near future.

At the event, GAC unveiled its first hydrogen fuel-cell passenger car, the Aion LX Fuel Cell, attracting major industry observers and media due key benefits such as its fast charging times, long battery life and zero pollution. Industry experts have lauded the advent of hydrogen fuel-cell

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