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Epic refutes Apple’s claim ‘Fortnite’ lawsuit was marketing exercise

Epic Games has responded to Apple’s latest filing in the ongoing “Fortnite” lawsuit, denying a claim that the lawsuit was instigated as a marketing campaign for the iOS version of the game.

On September 16, Apple filed legal documents with the US District Court for the Northern District of California ahead of a hearing for the legal saga scheduled for September 28. In that filing, Apple suggested the lawsuit was an attempt by Epic to revitalize “Fortnite’s” popularity via an elaborate marketing campaign.

In the new filing, Epic counters Apple’s statement that it had seen a near 70% drop of interest by July 2020 compared to October 2019, on the belief that Apple “cherry-picked” the data. Epic claims Apple used Google Trends data about search volumes, one that started from a “one-week spike” that took place in October that coincided with a popular in-game event.

“Fortnite users increased over that

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Epic Games Announces ‘Fortnite: Save the World’ Will No Longer Be Playable on macOS

Epic Games has announced that “Fortnite: Save the World” will no longer be playable on macOS, after Apple terminated ‌Epic Games‌’ developer account.

Fortnite has been in violation of the ‌App Store‌ rules since August 13, when it introduced a direct payment option that skirted Apple’s in-app purchase system by allowing payments directly to ‌‌Epic Games‌‌. Shortly after Epic blatantly disregarded ‌‌App Store‌‌ policies, Apple pulled the app from the ‌‌App Store‌‌, leading to a lawsuit from Epic and a quickly escalating legal fight between the two companies.

Since Epic initiated the dispute with Apple, it has refused to back down from the direct purchase option added to Fortnite, and Apple has refused to allow the app in the ‌‌App Store‌‌ while the direct payment option remains. Apple told Epic that it was ready to “welcome Fortnite back onto iOS” if Epic removed the direct payment option and returned to

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Fortnite Will No Longer Receive Updates On Mac

Fortnite, including both the battle royale and the Save the World modes, is no longer receiving updates on Mac computers. Epic Games said that Apple isn’t letting it push updates to the platform.

“Apple is preventing Epic from signing games and patches for distribution on Mac, which ends our ability to develop and offer Fortnite: Save the World for the platform,” Epic Games said in a post on their official site. “Specifically, our upcoming v14.20 release will cause bugs for players on v13.40, resulting in a very poor experience. Since we are no longer able to sign updates and release fixes for these issues, beginning September 23, 2020, Fortnite: Save the World will no longer be playable on macOS.”

Fortnite’s battle royale mode will still be playable on Mac devices, but Epic said that it will “no longer [receive] version updates due to Apple’s actions.” Mac players will be stuck

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Apple: ‘Fortnite’ interest fading, Epic Games using lawsuit for hype

  • Apple has accused Epic Games of starting a legal fight between the two tech giants to generate interest in “Fortnite.”
  • In a new document submitted Tuesday, Apple said “Fortnite” had been dwindling in popularity before the lawsuit.
  • Epic Games and Apple got into the fight after Epic broke Apple’s rules about App Store payments, for which Apple automatically takes a commission as high as 30%.
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Apple attacked Epic Games in a new court filing on Tuesday, claiming the maker of “Fortnite” launched a lawsuit over in-app payments solely to generate interest in the game.

Before the lawsuit, interest in “Fortnite” was falling, Apple argued.

“For reasons having nothing to do with Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity is on the wane. By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had decreased by nearly 70% as compared to October 2019. This lawsuit (and the front-page headlines

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Apple says Epic Games dispute is a ‘marketing campaign’ to boost ‘Fortnite’

Apple has filed its legal declaration against Epic Games ahead of a court hearing and claims that the dispute was started following a decline in the popularity of “Fortnite.”

Ahead of a hearing now scheduled in the US District Court for the Northern District of California on September 28, Apple has filed its legal documents outlining its response to the dispute with Epic Games. At the same time, Apple’s Head of Games Business Development for the App Store, Mike Schmid has filed a supporting declaration saying that Epic Games has regularly threatened to withdraw its games from iOS.

“For reasons having nothing to do with Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity is on the wane,” says Apple’s filing. “By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had decreased by nearly 70% as compared to 4 October 2019. This lawsuit (and the front-page headlines it has generated) appears to be part of a

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Fortnite back up and running after servers taken down


Fortnite was temporarily down.

Angela Lang/CNET

Fortnite is running as usual again after servers were taken down Monday so engineers could resolve problems related to logins and forced logouts.

“Players who see a message saying ‘You do not have permission to play Fortnite’ or ‘Your account no longer has play access to Fortnite’ because of this issue are not banned from Fortnite,” the game’s service updates account tweeted early Monday afternoon, adding that it would share an update when the issues were resolved.

Just after 3 p.m. PT, the Fortnite Status account tweeted: “We’ve returned from server downtime, and logins are now working properly. We are continuing to monitor.”

Epic Games, publisher of the popular battle royale game, has been caught up in a battle of its

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New Fortnite update adds Stark Industries and hi-tech powers to the game

Stark Industries has arrived in Fortnite. The game’s latest update, which arrived today, brings Iron Man himself to the battle royale as a new boss, and plonks his massive, hi-tech facility in the north-east corner of the map.

a group of people riding on the back of a horse: null

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The update has revealed that Tony Stark’s recently-introduced circle of rift beacons were being used to teleport his HQ into the game. The new point of interest is the latest addition in a lengthy crossover with Marvel, but is by far the largest location to have shown up since the new season kicked off three weeks ago.

The partnership has seen a number of other superhero-themed areas appear on the map. Locations dedicated to Ant-Man and The Collector have been introduced, and a Black Panther statue was added to the game after the death of actor Chadwick Boseman last month.

The new update brings in a bunch

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Fortnite could face year-long Apple ban, says Epic Games

a person holding a sign: Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Fortnite could be banned from iPhones and other Apple devices for a year, the game’s developer, Epic Games, has revealed, as the court battle between the two companies continues.

The scale of the ban was revealed in a legal filing from Epic, which asks the court to force Apple to allow the game back on the iOS App Store while the wider lawsuit winds its way to a full hearing.

Epic is “likely to suffer irreparable harm” if the ban continues, the company’s filing says, because it has more than 116 million registered users on Apple devices, who are now unable to update the software or reinstall it if it is deleted.

Previously, Apple’s position had been that Epic could restore its access immediately if it conceded the main point of its lawsuit and removed the unauthorised payment system it had built

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The Technology 202: Apple takes aggressive tone in new lawsuit against the maker of ‘Fortnite’

“Epic’s lawsuit is nothing more than a basic disagreement over money,” Apple said in its filing. “Although Epic portrays itself as a modern corporate Robin Hood, in reality it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that simply wants to pay nothing for the tremendous value it derives from the App Store.”

It’s the latest salvo in a legal battle Epic launched when it sued Apple last month in response to the company’s decision to effectively block the popular “Fortnite” game from its App Store, as my colleague Reed Albergotti notes. The company made the move after it offered game customers a way to pay without using the Apple payment system, which app developers have criticized for taking a 30 percent cut of their revenue. 

The lawsuit highlights the heavy-handed approach Apple takes against critics who say it is a monopoly. 

Apple’s aggressive tone and denial of monopoly power underscore the company’s

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‘Fall Guys’ to use same anti-cheating tech as ‘Fortnite’

  • The creators of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” on Sunday apologized to players for the number of cheaters that have been hacking their way through the game.
  • “Fall Guys” announced it has a new update in the works that incorporates the same anti-cheat software used by “Fortnite.”
  • Epic Games, the studio behind “Fortnite,” uses two sets of anti-cheat software, one of which it owns and licenses out to other games. 
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Newcomer battle royale game “Fall Guys” is mimicking “Fortnite” to help weed out cheaters.

“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” came out on August 7, and quickly racked up 7 million downloads on PC gaming storefront Steam as well as becoming the most-downloaded game ever on PlayStation’s PS Plus service. The game format is a battle royale where groups of 60 people compete together in a virtual obstacle course, each controlling a jellybean-like avatar.

With its

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