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Amazon stops Flex drivers gaming system by hanging iPhones from trees

Amazon has fixed an issue with its Flex contract delivery driver app that allowed savvy drivers to pick up more orders for delivery than others, a trick to game the system that involved hanging an iPhone on a tree near Whole Foods stores.

Amazon Flex is the major retailer’s app-based service for on-demand deliveries, but one used by drivers who actually make the deliveries rather than customers. If a delivery is to be made for Amazon’s Prime Now, Amazon uses the app as a dispatch system, alerting potential drivers to a delivery that can be picked up and delivered.

According to a report from Bloomberg, some drivers savvy to how the system worked were able to secure more deliveries within the dispatch system than others, by hanging iPhones running the app on a tree near Whole Foods and Amazon depots that offer same-day deliveries.

By keeping the smartphones near

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Amazon is reportedly surveilling its Flex delivery drivers in private Facebook groups

Amazon is covertly monitoring private social media groups used by Amazon Flex workers to discuss their working conditions. According to official company documents discovered online by Vice, the retailing giant employs staff to track and categorize discussions in closed Facebook groups, public subreddits, and on Twitter. Some posts are then “escalated” to internal Amazon teams and company leadership.

As Vice notes, these reports are seemingly compiled primarily to identify and respond to complaints from Flex delivery drivers about things like bugs in the company’s app. But Amazon also appears to be keeping tabs on more sensitive discussions. Those compiling the reports are instructed to note the apparent sentiment of posts and to look for Flex workers sharing news stories where “Warehouse employees [are] complaining about the poor working condition” or that discuss “planning for any strike or protest against Amazon.”


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