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This Rotational Correction Isn’t Finished

Since Sept. 3 the market has been undergoing a rotational correction. Various sectors of the market have been correcting at different times while other areas have shown good relative strength.

This correction started with the big-cap technology names. The FATMAAN stocks had become grossly extended in a frenzy of buying caused in part by the stock splits of Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA) . It had become a very narrow market but, as is the tendency of the market beast, this excessive action was the target of some selling.

The Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) has been dropping for nearly three weeks but what has been most interesting is that much of the market ignored what was happening in these leadership names. As I’ve been discussing for the past month, this has been a great market for stock-pickers primarily because the selling pressure was not correlated. The money coming out of

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The Windows 10 October Update Is Finished

The second big update to Windows 10 this year is now complete, according to Microsoft, ahead of next month’s launch.

In an update posted on the Windows blog, Windows chief Brandon LeBlanc said that the newly released Build 19042.508 is the “final build” of the update, which is now being released for testing.

It’s now available to Windows Insiders in the Release Preview Channel. Those users will need to go to Settings Update & Security Windows Update and choose to download and install 20H2, which is the official version name of the October update.

This update is a much smaller deal than version 2004, which was released earlier this year. Microsoft has settled into a pattern with Windows 10 updates, where the first major update of the year brings lots of new features and the second is more of

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Montgomery County distance learning finished one week

First impressions varied across the Maryland suburbs as students, parents and educators finished the first week of a school year that began virtually Aug. 31, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many families found the debut was far better than in the spring, when schools in the Washington region and nationally shuttered suddenly as cases of the novel coronavirus surged and school officials scrambled to shift to distance learning.

They laud teachers’ efforts and say they appreciate that school systems are trying to do something never done before: start a school year all-virtual, with educators teaching from their homes and students plugging in from Chromebook laptops set up on kitchen tables and bedroom desks.

But some lament glitches in technology — difficulties logging on, freeze-ups in live sessions — while others question issues related to instructional time, resources for children with special needs and overload for the very young.

And even as

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