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Ron Cobb, a Pioneer in Science Fiction Design, Dies at 83

Ron Cobb, the artist and movie production designer known for his work on the spaceship in “Alien,” the DeLorean in “Back to the Future,” and some tipsy aliens in “Star Wars,” died on Monday in Sydney, Australia.

He was 83. His death was confirmed by his wife, Robin Love. The cause was Lewy body dementia.

Mr. Cobb, a self-taught designer who worked largely behind the scenes, advanced an aesthetic that still influences the spaceships and time machines of today’s science fiction films: futuristic, yet retro; modular, but boundless; and bursting with meticulous detail.

“He was hugely influential to myself and many of my peers in the business,” said François Audouy, the production designer behind the 2019 movie “Ford v Ferrari” and the forthcoming “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.”

“His drawings were so infused with logic and realism,” Mr. Audouy said. “It just felt like his spaceships could take off at any moment.”


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How Waymo lidar went from science fiction to self-driving cars

  • Simon Verghese is head of lidar at Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving vehicle startup.
  • Verghese has a doctorate from Berkeley and a background in physics, and he was working at an MIT national lab when Waymo convinced him to return to the Bay Area after more than 20 years on the East coast.
  • Verghese spends his time developing new laser radars to compliment the evolving Waymo suite of hardware and software technologies. 
  • “The software problem is so difficult that we want to give our team the best hardware,” he said.
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