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Ex-Facebook and Pinterest exec explains how tech addiction made him rethink his life’s work

The public’s concerns around screen time addiction have been pushed aside amid the coronavirus pandemic, as companies like Slack (WORK), Zoom (ZM), and Peloton (PTON) have become lifelines to teachers, colleagues, friends, and fitness trainers.


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But one tech executive finds it even more urgent to rethink our obsession with our devices now that so many people are confined to their homes. Tim Kendall, a former executive at Facebook (FB) and then Pinterest (PINS), told Yahoo Finance in a new interview that his own tech addiction was the catalyst to get him to rethink his life’s work.

“Most people think they spend two hours a day on their phone. When we look at the data…it’s four and a half — it just shows there’s a disconnect between reality and your awareness,” said Kendall, now the CEO of Moment, an app that tries to incentivize users to reduce their screen

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Nvidia Further Explains Botched RTX 3080 Launch, Citing “Unprecedented Demand”

The pre-order launch of Nvidia’s much-anticipated RTX 3080 was an unmitigated disaster, and many would-be customers have yet to get their hands on a confirmed order. Yesterday, Nvidia posted a more detailed explanation on its website, citing a heretofore unseen level of traffic and answering a few of the questions that frustrated fans have been asking on sites like Reddit.

In the statement, Nvidia generally blames the “truly unprecedented” level of demand for the RTX 30-series as the source of the trouble, saying that it and its partners underestimated it. The manufacturer notes that the traffic to retailers exceeded Black Friday numbers, illustrating just how many people wanted to buy the card. Nvidia notes that it began shipping GPUs to retailers in August, and that such shortages are relatively common when it comes to the launch of high-end graphics cards.

Later in the statement, Nvidia blames a wave of “malicious

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‘The Passion Economy’ author explains the shifting American economy

  • “Planet Money” cofounder Adam Davidson’s new book, “The Passion Economy,” explains why the economy is changing and how entrepreneurs can thrive in it.
  • Because of advancements in automation and technology, the new business landscape can be divided into two main camps: the massive, scale-oriented corporations and the niche, targeted entrepreneurs. Davidson calls the new distribution “barbell-shaped.”
  • The “passion economy” requires that entrepreneurs create intimacy at scale, avoid being a commodity, find their “Goldilocks” market, understand how to market themselves, and make use of new platforms that can help them monetize.
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In the early months of 2020, when Adam Davidson published his book “The Passion Economy,” he had no idea that the predictions he made about a new economic system ushered in by automation and technological advancement would happen so quickly.

The pandemic has compressed a yearslong process into the span of several months.

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CEO of fast-growing mobile firm Realme explains keys to success

  • Though mobile brand Realme was founded only two years ago, it’s already managed to make a name for itself among giants such as Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.
  • It’s the fastest-growing smartphone company in the world, according to consulting firm Counterpoint.
  • Some of the defining characteristics of the company are its ample portfolio, regular updates to its devices, and its value for money.
  • To understand how Realme became so successful, Business Insider spoke with Madhav Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Realme in Europe and India.
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Though mobile manufacturer Realme was only founded around two years ago and is pretty new on the scene, the Chinese firm has been growing exponentially.

The brand has successfully carved out its own corner of a market dominated by giants like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.

Since its inception, the company has already made its way into the top 10

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Computational modelling explains why blues and greens are brightest colors in nature

Computational modelling explains why blues and greens are brightest colous in nature
Credit: University of Cambridge

Researchers have shown why intense, pure red colors in nature are mainly produced by pigments, instead of the structural color that produces bright blue and green hues.

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, used a numerical experiment to determine the limits of matt structural color—a phenomenon which is responsible for some of the most intense colors in nature—and found that it extends only as far as blue and green in the visible spectrum. The results, published in PNAS, could be useful in the development of non-toxic paints or coatings with intense color that never fades.

Structural color, which is seen in some bird feathers, butterfly wings or insects, is not caused by pigments or dyes, but internal structure alone. The appearance of the color, whether matt or iridescent, will depending on how the structures are arranged at the nanoscale.

Ordered, or crystalline, structures result

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Halo of warm gas explains massive size of the Magellanic Stream

Sept. 9 (UPI) — Billions of years ago, a pair of dwarf galaxies known as the Magellanic Clouds were pulled into orbit around the Milky Way. Along the way, the Milky Way stripped a massive stream of gas called the Magellanic Stream from the dwarf galaxies.

Until now, scientists weren’t sure how the stream came to be so massive, but new models suggest a halo of warm gas surrounding the Magellanic Clouds fueled the growth of the Magellanic Stream.

Scientists detailed the predictions of the new models in a new paper, published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

“[Our] theory predicts that a high-mass Large Magellanic Cloud should be surrounded by a warm halo, and we believe that its existence will be confirmed from next observations at the Hubble Space Telescope,” study co-author Elena D’Onghia, professor of astronomy at University of Wisconsin, told UPI.

Previous models showed a combination of gravitational

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Here’s Why The 13th Doctor’s Origin Explains Everything

The 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker and helmed by showrunner Chris Chibnall, is the gamechanger for Doctor Who in many ways. First, she was the first female lead in canon. Then in her second season, Chibnall dropped a bombshell. The Doctor was the original Timeless Child, an immortal being from an unknown place who became the basis for all the Time Lords.

Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor's New Origin Explains Everything about Him
Jodie Whittaker in “Doctor Who”, BBC

The child came to the universe through a gateway from another universe or dimension. Her adopted mother Tecteun discovered her regenerative ability to turn into another body and even gender if she suffered a fatal injury. Tecteun experimented on the child to understand regeneration, then gave it to herself and the elite of Gallifreyan society. Now immortal, the Gallifreyans developed time travel technology and built up the planet with the new Time Lords the ruling elite. Every Time Lord had

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