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KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange hacked for $150 million

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin disclosed today a mega hack. In a statement posted on its website, the company confirmed that a threat actor breached its systems and emptied its hot wallets of all funds.


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Hot wallets are cryptocurrency management apps that are connected to the internet. Cold wallets are stored offline.


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Cryptocurrency exchanges like KuCoin use hot wallets as their temporary storage systems for assets that are currently being exchanged on the platform, and they are used to power conversion operations and funds transfers.

KuCoin said it detected the hack after observing “some large withdrawals” from its hot wallets on September 26.

The company said it started a security audit and discovered the missing funds. KuCoin said the hacker managed to steal Bitcoin assets, ERC-20-based tokens, along with other types of tokens.

Currently, the loss is estimated at a minimal $150 million, based on an Etherium

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Stimulus Checks From A Crypto Exchange; Bitcoin Rebound

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Bitcoin broke through $11,000 Wednesday and fluctuated around that level the rest of the week, recovering about half of the value it lost during its crash the first week of September. Large buying volumes and the Fed’s commitment to low interest rates helped buoy bitcoin’s price, and business intelligence firm MicroStrategy
revealed that it added $175 million worth of bitcoin to its capital reserve Monday, bringing its total bitcoin purchases this summer to $425 million.


Uniswap, a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain that has grown in popularity as part of the DeFi boom, launched a governance token called Uni on Wednesday and rewarded its

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Slovak cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE discloses $5.4 million hack


ETERBASE, a Bratislava-based cryptocurrency exchange, disclosed this week a security breach. The exchange said hackers breached its internal network and stole cryptocurrency funds worth $5.4 million.

The incident, which was disclosed on Thursday, involved the theft of various cryptocurrencies from the company’s hot wallets.

Hot wallets are cryptocurrency accounts that are actively connected to the internet and which ETERBASE was using to power its inter- and intra-currency exchange operations.

Funds were stolen from six hot wallets, storing Bitcoin, Ether, ALGO, Ripple, Tezos, and TRON assets.

In a series of messages posted on its Telegram channel, the company said it detected the attack but could not stop it from taking place.

Nonetheless, ETERBASE said it tracked the transactions as they left its wallets, and is currently tracing the stolen funds as they move around their respective blockchains.

ETERBASE has also already contacted exchanges where the stolen funds have landed and requested

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Clarivate Launches Online Innovation Exchange to Advance Research, Development and Commercialization Activities

The Innovation Exchange empowers relevant professionals by carefully matching their specific decision needs to an appropriate solution through an intuitive navigation tool and provides an increasing number of direct licensing options to facilitate rapid deployment within critical business environments. Certified applications will be delivered via the Clarivate Research Intelligence Cloud™ – providing an environment within which many industry leading collections of trusted, actionable insights can enable users across enterprises to access, synthesis and analyse critical data.

Gavin Coney, VP, Science Group Channels & Alliances at Clarivate, said: “The Clarivate Innovation Exchange is the transformation of our App Exchange concept, facilitating our relationships with world-class technology and data providers to deliver novel evidence-based capabilities to our global client base. With the unique visibility that we can bring to niche software and data innovators, and an expanded scope of novel tools, our customer response and levels of engagement have been extremely

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Digital Currency Group Reveals Sudden Acquisition Of Bitcoin And Crypto Exchange Luno

Digital Currency Group (DCG), the sprawling bitcoin and cryptocurrency empire that controls asset manager Grayscale, media outlet Coindesk, and just bet big on bitcoin mining in North America, is growing again.

DCG has revealed it’s acquired the London-based but emerging market-focused bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Luno for an undisclosed sum—with Luno poised to expand into the Middle East and South America, according to its chief executive Marcus Swanepoel.

“Luno is a high growth, global business and there is a massive opportunity to expand organically and through acquisitions,” DCG founder and chief executive Barry Silbert said in a statement, adding: “We have been extremely impressed with the Luno team since we made our initial investment.”

DCG, which has backed around 160 blockchain and crypto companies,

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