ENFIRE Technology Used in Real-World Environment to Conduct Far East District’s Latest Training

Last week, Chris Caywood, Chief of the FED’s Design Branch and a group of seven Engineering Division engineers met with customers from Story Range to complete a site assessment on three of the complex’s ranges.

The event kickoff meeting and safety briefing immediately eliminated sites that would not be a fit for the needs of a contingency environment. The design team, Training Support Activity Korea, and the 2ID Abrams Master Gunner reviewed a number of sites to determine the feasibility of each range. This preliminary review determined the ranges that would be the best fit to meet the width and terrain requirements for the contingency environment and was followed by a visit to all of the ranges within the Story Range complex to better visualize and understand the mission.


After validating the range requirements, Sang Yoon Woo and Min-U Yi from the FED’s Geotechnical Branch along with Hyon Ku Choe

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