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Big Tech Was Their Enemy, Until Partisanship Fractured the Battle Plans

WASHINGTON — For all the divisions in Washington, one issue that had united Republicans and Democrats in recent years was their animus toward the power of the biggest tech companies.

That bipartisanship was supposed to come together this week in a landmark House report that caps a 15-month investigation into the practices of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The report was set to feature recommendations from lawmakers to rein in the companies, including the most sweeping changes to U.S. antitrust laws in half a century.

But over the past few days, support for the recommendations has split largely along party lines, said five people familiar with the talks, who were not authorized to speak publicly because the discussions are private.

On Monday, the Democratic staff on the House Judiciary Committee delayed the report’s release because they were unable to gain Republican support. Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican

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Technology is humanity’s greatest enemy in ‘Next’ | TV Review | Arts & Entertainment


Cast: John Slattery (“Mad Men”), Fernanda Andrade (“The Devil Inside”), Eve Harlow (“The 100”), Aaron Clifton Moten (“Disjointed”), Gerardo Celasco (“How to Get Away With Murder”)

Airs: The series premieres Tuesday on Fox.

The premise: Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc (John Slattery) built a fortune on the world-changing technologies he invented. But after discovering that one of his own creations, a powerful artificial intelligence called neXt, might have dangerous ramifications if released to the public, LeBlanc tries to shutter the project, only to be kicked out of the company by his own brother.

When a series of unsettling tech mishaps points to a potential crisis, LeBlanc joins forces with Special Agent Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade) and quickly realizes his worst fears have come true.

Highs: If you’ve spent time online, chances are you’ve felt the uncomfortable sensation that technology was creeping into your life a little

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Behind Enemy Lines: InsideTheRedRaiders.com previews Texas Tech

As Texas prepares to open Big 12 play on the road in Lubbock, Horns247 takes you Behind Enemy Lines for an in-depth preview of Texas Tech with InsideTheRedRaiders.com publisher Jarret Johnson.

HORNS247: Based on Texas Tech’s 35-33 win over Houston Baptist, what stood out about the performances of quarterback Alan Bowman and the entire offense?

JOHNSON: I would rate Alan Bowman‘s performance in the opener as okay. Not good. Not terrible. If one were to judge Bowman’s performance on stats alone, you would think he had a great game after completing 38-of-52 passes for 430 yards and two touchdowns. The flip side is he was picked off by Houston Baptist on a poorly thrown ball and missed a pair of wide open receivers on separate plays, which would have gone for long touchdowns and helped the Red Raiders put Houston Baptist away. Bowman’s timing was off with his receivers,

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A Giant Leap Towards Defeating Astronomy’s Greatest Enemy: Earth’s Atmosphere

In astronomy, seeing farther and fainter than ever before requires three simultaneous approaches.

1.) Building bigger telescopes, gathering more light and yielding higher resolutions.

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Robotic Warships Could Hunt Enemy Submarines

  • The U.S. Navy is fleshing out concepts for a new fleet of uncrewed warships.
  • One likely mission for the roboships: hunting submarines.
  • An inexpensive warship armed with sub-killing torpedoes could be the ideal platform for sinking enemy subs.

    The U.S. Navy could use its future fleet of uncrewed warships to stalk and kill submarines. The service is planning to procure several robotic warships and is casting about trying to figure out what they’d be good at. One suggestion: using them to offensively hunt down enemy submarines, snagging them with Terminator-level efficiency and sinking them before they can pose a threat to friendly ships.

    ⚓️ You love badass ships and subs. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

    The Navy is in the process of issuing contracts for up to 40 medium unmanned surface vehicles (MUSVs). The service thinks its “ghost fleet” could help solve the problem of

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